lumosityA few months ago, we discussed the importance of keeping the brain active with games and exercises designed to enhance the brain’s performance. Along with this observation, we reviewed an app called Fit Brains Trainer. The app worked to train a brain through a series of tests. I mentioned that there are many apps available in the Apple iTunes store that work to keep brains fit and active. Today, we bring you another one of these apps – Lumosity.

The concept of Lumosity is very similar to Fit Brains Trainer. Lumosity seeks to improve the brain’s potential for memory retention, attention and overall performance through ‘scientific brain workouts.’ Lumosity walks users through a series of personal goal questions to determine the best workouts for your goals.

I have walked through one day’s worth of workouts thus far. I enjoy the games that were suggested for me and will consider continuing with the workouts past the app testing phase. I really like the progress feature. Once a user works through one series of workouts, they can then review their progress in their Brain Profile page.

I recommend this app to anyone who wants to improve their brain performance. While I haven’t used it extensively, I have read studies about actively exercising the brain to improve brain performance and the concept of active brain games is sound. Give Lumosity a try.