Igniter sheds light on your personality, but leaves you wanting more.

What makes an effective leader? A good listener? Someone who shows compassion? Or even an analytical thinker? Some organizations subscribe to the theory of Values Based Leadership, or an idea that by identifying and accepting your core beliefs and behaviors, that you will be a more effective leader. There are numerous studies available online to support these theorists. And now, there is even an app for iOS devices that helps users to harness their values with the purpose of becoming stronger leaders.

igniter-screenshotLuck Companies Igniter is designed with the intent of showing users how to live their lives with purpose and be a positive influence on those around them. It does this by providing two sets of personality assessments – personality style and core values. These two sets of assessments show you how you think, listen and what you hold most important. Here is where the app stops.

After you take the first two assessments, there is nothing left to do within the app. The app promises that it will be a coach through your daily life, but it comes to a screeching halt when you complete the two tests. The iTunes App Store promises to include the following this month: My Story, Purpose Statement, Goals.

The app is well-designed and very intuitive, but I was disappointed that it seems incomplete.