App saves money for patients and families.

LowestMed iOS App Review 3LowestMed app on ios is a must have app, an app that I use on a daily basis and one that actively saves money for my patients and their families.

Are you aware that you can find a prescription medication at a cheaper price at a neighboring pharmacy?  Before this app, I kept a running tally, multiple $4 lists and would often call multiple pharmacies. Are you aware that some medications may even be cheaper as cash pay than you may pay with your insurance?

This app can help you find the lowest cash price for a given medicine in your area.  It works and it can save you money whether you have insurance or not.

LowestMed iOS App Review 4This app will likely be the most beneficial to those without prescription medication coverage. Step 1: download the app. Step 2: tap the cog icon in the bottom right of the screen, then either use your GPS coordinates or enter a zip code and then select the desired distance. Step 3: tap the downward arrow icon and enter the prescription drug of choice. It will display the lowest prices first. Make sure you tap the orange box to change the medication instructions to those on the prescription. Then, select “show card” and take it to the pharmacy. Boom, real savings.

This app is beautiful in its simplicity. It has very useful icons labeled “about” and “how to use” which will teach you what you need to know. These are easily found under settings. The app stores recent searches and has an icon specifically to take you to your searches. The best part of the app is it does not ask you for personal information. So, no required emails, and there are no passwords to remember. However, there is a downside; the app does not cover over the counter meds, as it is just for prescription drugs.

LowestMed iOS App Review 5LowestMed is a novel app with good potential utility, but it may only have a small to medium niche. Whether you are a single person trying to save a few pennies, a family or a health care professional, you should give this app a chance.

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