I Love Pasta launches for iOS.

For quite some time I’ve enjoyed cooking games. They are usually a step-by-step process and a race against the clock. This week I’ve been fortunate enough to test out a new cooking-based game called I Love Pasta.

ILPasta1I Love Pasta is a the sequel to I Love Coffee, which I have not had the pleasure of playing. I Love Pasta is a brand new restaurant simulation game that allows users to create and manage their own restaurants from within the setting of Venice, Italy. Players can create a menu with dozens of classic Italian dishes. Some of the gameplay includes serving guests, cooking dishes, cleaning the restaurant and even managing guests waiting in line. One of the most fascinating pieces of this game is that players can actually use real-world ingredients to create pasta dishes. I think this is a fabulous touch.

Some of the key features of I Love Pasta include:

  • Cute, colorful graphics
  • Build your restaurant empire in a variety of settings—including the romantic Venice canals
  • Create and manage the restaurant of your dreams with hundreds of decorating options
  • Three new mini games: Ingredient Matching, Pan Touch, Fast Serving (rhythm)
  • Play with your friends in new ways: Help them run their restaurants, collaborate via social media, and even throw lavish parties by inviting guests of your choice. (After all, it’s your party!)

“We absolutely adore Italian food. Our love for it is only surpassed by our love of coffee! It was only a matter of time before we indulged in our passion for Italian cooking. I Love Pasta was lovingly created for everyone who enjoys cooking, restaurant simulations . . . or both!” —Jason Byun, Global Business & Service Team Leader, PATI Games

ILPasta2I found i Love Pasta to be quite enjoyable. The initial training session reminds me of other real-time strategy games where characters walk you through the steps to getting started. Also, ithe Japanese-style cartoon graphics are quite lovely. I can recommend this game to anyone who enjoys RTS and cooking games.

To kick off the launch of I Love Pasta, developer Pati Games is hosting a giveaway that includes USB sticks, a Prada wallet, and iPhone 6 and more! There are two ways to win:

Giveaway (A) Invite Your Facebook Friends!

Reward: iPhone 6 (1 winner)
1. Invite as many friends as possible through the game.
2. Must invite Facebook friends, not in-game friends.
3. The player who invites the most friends wins!

Giveaway (B) Show Your Love

Reward: Prada Wallet (1 winner) and ILP USB (30 winners)

(Complete rules available at www.facebook.com/il.pasta.en. Scroll down for the November 13th post)

I Love Pasta is available in the iTunes App Store. It’s free to download with in-app purchases for game enhancements. For more information, visit www.patigames.com.

I Love Pasta

I Love Pasta