Premium leather wallet case for iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

I always look forward to new phone releases because it means we will be getting new cases, too. Cases are my favorite accessory for mobile phones and no matter how many I review, I’m always intrigued by what comes out next. A couple of years ago, I started working with DODOcase, an accessory designer for premium products like phone cases. One of the first cases I looked at was a wallet case called the Lorna iPhone Wallet Case. This past fall when the latest iPhone models were released, I thought the Lorna case was worth a second look since DODOcase was revising it for the new phones.

Lorna iPhone 8 Wallet Case from DODOcase REVIEW


In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Lorna case is a standard wallet-style case. It’s made to feel like a book cover and wraps around the phone to fully protect the back and front of the phone. The sides are protected by the interior plastic bumper case. The case is made with Pergamena Leather and vegetable tanned so that as it ages, users will be left with a unique patina that is as personal as their fingerprint. The interior is lined with book cloth, which is both sturdy and easy to clean. The case is held closed by an elastic band, which is a wonderful addition to the traditional wallet case because it’s not uncommon for a case to flop open without provocation. The wallet portion of the case has either 3 (iPhone 5/6/7/8) or 4 slots (Plus sizes & iPhone X) on the inside cover for cards or cash storage. The Lorna case is available in several colors — brown/dove gray, black/granite, blue/harbor blue, and red/granite.

Lorna iPhone 8 Wallet Case from DODOcase REVIEW

User Experience

The phone snaps into the inner case easily and it will snap out just as easily. The inner case holds the phone securely, but it’s not difficult to remove when you need to. Because the spine is made out of flexible leather, the case will lay open flat and fold over quite easily. As nice as this part of the design is, I do wish that it would form an angular stand for viewing videos or reading. Card slide in and out of their slots without any problems. I believe this is in part due to the book fabric that is used in the construction of the case. I am currently only carrying two cards – my license and my debit card, but I’ve also slid some cash bills into the space behind the cards.

Lorna iPhone 8 Wallet Case from DODOcase REVIEW


The Lorna iPhone Case is a very classy-looking wallet case. Use of it is self-explanatory as it’s just a very simple case to work with. I love all the detail work that goes into DODOcase’s products. Since they are all made to order, you can expect it to take 1-2 weeks for shipment after your order is placed. The Lorna case is still a stylish, premium case and if you are looking to upgrade your case along with your phone, I would look no further than DODOcase.

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