Loop Journal gives writers an easy start to writers.

LoopJournal-2Have you ever wanted to start a journal or a diary, but didn’t know how to get started? I think most people want a chronicle of their lives to look back on and remember their life events. I know that I’ve started and stopped journals a lot throughout my life and sometimes I have problems getting started. That’s why I like Loop Journal.

Loop Journal is a daily question guide through your thoughts, emotions and perspectives. The app presents you with a question such as, “How am I different now compared to who I was in high school?” You answer it on the same day every year and review your changes year-to-year.  Some of the features are:

  • 365 thought-provoking questions
  • Beautiful themes allow you to add personal touches
  • Reminders to answer your questions prompts
  • Dropbox backup
  • Password lock
  • Social network sharing

LoopJournal-3As I mentioned, sometimes I have trouble getting started. Loop Journal makes it possible to record a single thought to chronicle your life journey day-by-day and year-by-year. It’s a simple concept that just helps you to get your thoughts out and, you could use what you have in this app to write a longer journal entry later.

My two favorite features of Loop Journal are the Dropbox integration and the password lock. As with most diaries, there is always a small lock and key included. Digital locks (passwords) are just another way of protecting your thoughts and feelings. The Dropbox integration is another feature I really enjoy. It allows you to backup your work in a cloud-based system that is solid and controlled by you.

One flaw that I found within the app is that there are some grammatical errors within the questions. For example, the question I used above was originally presented as, “How are I different now compared to who I am in high school?” I corrected the phrase when I wrote it as an example above. Another question that is presented incorrectly is, “If I could change anything about the way I were raised as a kid, what would it be?” I think this may be corrected with upcoming releases, but it was surprising to see that level of grammatical error in this type of app.

Loop Journal is a wonderful app that can easily get you started on your journaling experience. It’s easy to use, and the best part is that it gets you started quickly. There aren’t a lot of set-up steps or preferences to adjust. You can just write.

I can recommend Loop Journal for those who are interested in getting started with a thought journal. For more information visit, openmousestudio.blogspot.com.

Loop Journal is available for $1.99.

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