LJY RGB Remote Controlled Light Bulb provides colorful lighting and an efficient light source.

Sometimes, simple is elegant and  simple is all you need. LED lightbulbs are steadily creeping their way into mainstream use. There are many aspects to this technology: increased lifespan of the bulb, various colors, cost savings, energy saving, multi-function. However cool this technology may be, the limiting factor for many people is the cost of the bulb and price of kits to enable special features. A typical incandescent bulb costs around $1.25 per bulb, CFL bulb (twisted style) runs $3-4 dollars per bulb. The price of LED is often significantly more than these bulbs. The main problem with price is that we tend to notice the purchase price and brightness, whereas the cost savings, cost per kWh, length of life, are more abstract and distant. A typical LED can last 50,000 hours versus 1200 for an incandescent bulb.

 LJY RGB Remote Controlled Light Bulb ReviewDiscussing the ins and outs of LED bulb technology is difficult. There are size differences, prong/attachment differences, warm vs cool light, white vs RGB, directional vs omnidirectional. I have been given an LJY 10W RGB E27 (Edison style typical screw in bulb) to review. This bulb has a typical flood light appearance with the size to plug into any standard screw style outlet. It’s shape should work with many lamps, as compared to the cylinder style bulbs.

Initial Impression
The bulb comes in a square white box, with a few stickers telling you that this is the LJY E27 10W RGB bulb with remote control. There is no picture on the box, no discernible indication of shape/size of this bulb. You are given a power range of 85-265V, a do not throw away logo and a bar scanner. Even though I love blind bags, in this situation I would rather know what I am getting. Opening the box, I see a bulb with an E27 screw style base and a remote control. I do not need instructions to install a lightbulb, so I removed the CFL bulb from my nightstand and went to install this 10W bulb. When I picked up the bulb it rattled. I thought “uh oh, I had a broken bulb.” If you gently turn the bulb over, there is a piece inside that clearly moves around. I screwed the bulb into the socket and turned my lamp on and the light turned on. Is this meant to rattle around like that? I do not know.

The remote is colorful, It is well laid out and self explanatory. It will not work out of the box, you need to pull out the small piece of plastic sticking out of the battery compartment. Once the bulb is screwed in and the remote is ready, you can turn on the light. I will say that this bulb is not as bright as I expected. It works as a nice reading light, bedside light, but likely will not work as main room lighting. A quick run down of the remote shows 4 columns of buttons with 6 rows. The top row, in order, dim, increase, off and on. There are about 7 stages of dimming, after this the light will get no dimmer. It is a noticeable shift in light with each level. Further presses will only cause a mild flash of the bulb. Pressing the increase button, will return the bulb, in stepwise manner to maximum. The second row shows colors Red, Green, Blue, White. These are the most dramatic of the colors. The colors listed in column 1-3 lighten as you move down. Some of these colors are hard to distinguish but there are 16 colors.

 LJY RGB Remote Controlled Light Bulb Review

Finally, the last column below the white light button contains buttons flash, strobe, fade, smooth. Pressing the flash button, the light will cycle with new colors about every second. Strobe pulses a white light (You cannot change this color, which is a let down). Fade changes colors but goes through the spectrum of each of the columns. Smooth seem to offer similar function and I am not sure why it is included. There are no included instructions with the package I received. This was not that big of a deal, but I still like to review literature. The colors in the column do not match the actual bulb color variations. I can detect the different hues but they are pretty small changes in color.

 LJY RGB Remote Controlled Light Bulb Review

It is pretty cool to control your lights with a remote, on off and color. I really like that the bulb remembers the last color, and intensity setting. When you turn it off and back on, it resumes the previous state. The light is flood light shaped and does provide more directional than omnidirectional lighting. It works very well as accent lighting/desk lighting. I do not think that this is what you want for main light in a room. As I only have a single bulb, and no instruction manual, I am not certain if one remote controls one bulb or if they are linked. Could you have a variety? Different colors or all the same color? I am not sure. Please do not lose the remote, as the bulb has no function control. The remote is paramount to the bulbs technology. At 10W and anywhere from 20-50000 hours lifespan, you will save money over incandescent bulbs. This can be substantial over time and with multiple bulbs switched over to LED. It is thus worth time to look for options like this to replace lights in your home. For the price and the color options, this device is worth a 4.5/5 star rating. I am concerned with the rattling and how this will affect bulb life.