List One adds productivity with ‘many lists, one screen, one view’ on Mac and iOS.

listone-1I end up making a lot of lists throughout my day. I will make grocery lists, honey-do lists, work lists – all just so I can keep on top of things that need to get done. There are a lot of apps available to help with list making, but none of the ones I’ve come across have quite the versatility that List One does.

List One is a list-making app for Mac and iOS that allows users to make many different kinds of lists without a lot of trouble. It’s a very efficient, easy-to-use set of apps that help keep your life productive. The somewhat unique functionality of both versions is that List One utilizes gestures. On the Mac version, you get to use double-finger taps to initialize some functions of the lists like list deletion or changing the icon of the list. In the iOS version, you get to swipe side to side to add reminders, contact information or delete items.

listone-2Something else I really enjoy about the List One family of apps is the customization that is available.  You can change the color backgrounds, fonts and even the list icons. List One comes equipped with over 80 different list icons that set off the category of the list. For example, for a grocery list, I might choose a bottle of wine to notify myself at a quick look that is the list I set up for groceries.

  • Some of the main features of ListOne include:
  • the ability to expand and collapse any list
  • over 80 icons for each list
  • intuitive controls
  • the ability to set attach reminders for any list item
  • the ability to attach addresses to easily find locations
  • iCloud syncing between apps

listone-3As I’ve mentioned I’ve worked with many different list apps and List One has one of the best syncing options I’ve seen. The syncing function works through iCloud. So, if you have your iCloud account set up across your devices, all the lists will sync across the devices. I installed List One on my iPhone first and set up a list. Then, I downloaded the app on my iPad. As soon as the app opened, the list I had set-up on my iPhone appeared on the iPad. The best part was that all of the customization I had set up with the list imported onto the iPad, too.

listone-7Another feature that I really like is that List One is built on the premise that the app is ‘Many Lists, One Screen, One View.” A lot of the experiences I’ve had with list-making apps end up making you create one list at a time or just one list for the entire app. List One allows you to create multiple lists in one place and add many items to those lists. The collapsable lists make it very easy to manage your tasks, to-dos and purchases you have saved within those lists.

List One is a wonderful app for your collection and this week only (until May 30, 2014) it will be on sale for $1.99! This $2 price cut is available for both Mac and iOS versions. For more information on List One and its developer, Mobile Simplified, visit


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