LinkedIn Job Search brings another searching tool to the palm of users’ hands.

linkedin1I’m in the market for a new day job and I’ve found that the most useful tool at my disposal for job searching is my iPhone. It’s with me nearly everywhere I go and I can keep up-to-date with recent job postings as soon as they are posted. This wasn’t always the case. I can remember when I was looking for my first job out of high school and the first thing I did was walk through our local mall to see who had “Now Hiring” signs up. I walked into a store, put in an application and got the job. The next time I was looking for a job, I ended up utilizing the classifieds in our local newspaper because I was searching for something more ‘in depth’ than retail. At that point in time, I could also use and, but they were both still in their infancy at that time. Now, there are literally hundreds of apps and sites that will help you on your search for a new job or career path. Some apps will just give you job listings while others will also give you pointers for interviews.

linkedin2Another great tool we all now have at our disposal is social media. These networks can help spread the word that A) we are in the job market, and B) introduce us to potential job seekers quicker. One of the sites that a lot of people don’t use unless they are looking to network professionally is LinkedIn. This is a service I have been using a lot more frequently since I’ve been searching because sometimes I will even just see referrals to companies I wasn’t aware of because a connection references them. LinkedIn has a job posting function to it, but until recently, it wasn’t it’s own app.

LinkedIn saw that there was a need to branch out their original service to focusing on job searching for its members. And, I’m glad they did. The iOS app for LinkedIn Job Search is a wonderful, organized app that has several unique features. First of all, the app will suggest potential jobs based off of the information in your profile on LinkedIn. This is a huge benefit because if your profile is up-to-date and accurate, you could have a lot more options then what a keyword search can produce. Secondly, LinkedIn Job Search is very straight forward. When you start it up, you enter your LinkedIn account information and then you search by keyword and location. LinkedIn Job Search will save that search and list it at the bottom of search page the next time you search.

linkedin4One fantastic feature within LinkedIn Job Search is that it’s private. Even though its linked to your profile, your network will not see your in-app activity. You can also apply to jobs (if the feature is enabled) with your LinkedIn profile. The other features included with LinkedIn Job Search include Discover, which lists jobs outside your search area that are similar to ones you’ve reviewed, Track, which shows you jobs you’ve viewed and of course, Notifications, which are automatic when you start saving searches or when new jobs match things you are looking for.

LinkedIn Job Search is a wonderful tool for job seekers. I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a job. For more information, visit to check out all the LinkedIn brand apps.