Lightning Knight Apple Watch Stand Review:

Lightning Knight Apple Watch stand a wonderful, inexpensive option for charging your watch.

Lightning Knight Apple Watch Stand Review 3When my Apple Watch Sport arrived in late May, I was missing one very important element – a stand. As much as I adore my Apple Watch, I really think that Apple missed the mark in not releasing an Apple-branded stand along with it. Something simple was all that is really needed and thankfully, many third-party retailers have taken up the mantle and succeeded where Apple failed. Lightning Knight, one of my favorite retailers from Amazon, released an Apple Watch stand not too long ago and for the past week, I’ve been testing it out.

Let me paint a picture for you.

Lightning Knight Apple Watch Stand Review 4When I charged my Apple Watch for the first time, I draped it one top of the charging cable and it laid flat on my dresser. Now this isn’t really the ideal situation in my opinion as it can easily get knocked off the side of the dresser or otherwise compromised. This was the reason I so desperately needed a stand. I just wasn’t happy with my nearly $500 watch possibly becoming damaged from lack of proper charging equipment. Enter the Apple Watch Stand from Lightning Knights.

Lightning Knight Apple Watch Stand Review 5There are some other emerging products from various manufacturers, but I really like this particular stand for its sheer simplicity. It just gets the job done. First of all, it’s designed to work with both sizes of Apple Watches – 38mm and 42mm. It comes in several different colors – black, green, red or white – and while it’s lightweight, it has a balanced bottom that prevents the stand from falling over when the watch is resting on it.

The Apple Watch Stand has a special cutout for the charging cable plus a conduit cutout on the side so that you can run the cable through it and not have a cluttered mess from a draped cable. The stand is set at an angle that allows you to view the watch if you wish. As I mentioned, I primarily use this for charging at the end of the day, but I would gladly purchase a second one to use at work.

Lightning Knight Apple Watch Stand Review 6It’s important to note that a charging cable is not included with the stand. It’s made to work with the Apple Watch’s native charging cable that accompanies your Apple Watch and it fits quite nicely within the stand.

Some other stands for the Apple Watch range in price from $40-60. The Lightning Knight stand retails for around $10. I believe that it’s worth the cost.