AQ10 speaker is perfect for summer activities.

With summer fast approaching, it’s natural to start thinking of items that are needed throughout the season. Most people consider things like beach towels and swimsuits, while I look at what electronics I need. I can rarely be found without some method of listening to my music and during the summer, you really need something that is going to be durable and withstand even the harshest environments. I have worked with waterproof speakers before, but never one like the Lifeproof Aquaphonics AQ10 speaker.

LIFEPROOF Aquaphonics AQ10 Speaker REVIEW

The AQ10 speaker is not only waterproof, but it’s also submersible up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It’s sealed from dirt, dust, snow, and rain plus it pairs with up to 8 devices. The speaker also acts as a speakerphone with the aid of its built-in microphone. Because it’s built and designed by Lifeproof, the AQ10 is tough. It can withstand falls up to 1.2 meters and it’s buoyant. This is perhaps one of my favorite features of the AQ10. It’s nice to know that you can keep the speaker with you no matter where you go.

There are two more features that I want to touch on – the battery life and the dry box. These two options are stand-out features in my opinion. The battery provides 13 hours of non-stop music entertainment. While I haven’t really tested this out yet, I’ve been very impressed with the continuous power I have noted. In addition to the exceptional battery life, the AQ10 gives you two standard USB ports to be able to charge your phone or tablet from. One is on the side where you plug the speaker into power and the other is located in the dry box. These ports are 5V/0.5A so they aren’t fast-charging at all, but they will provide you power in an emergency.

LIFEPROOF Aquaphonics AQ10 Speaker REVIEW

The dry box is a special feature that I’ve not seen on a Bluetooth speaker before. It’s located on the bottom of the speaker and is completely sealed off from all the elements. You unlock it with a switch and are presented with a silicone lined box where you can store cards, keys or other small items. As I mentioned above, there is also a USB port enclosed inside along with an Aux port. One thing that’s important to note – the dry box on the AQ10 measures 2” x 4.75” and it’s only one-quarter inch deep. This isn’t large enough for my phone, but if you have a smaller form phone, you could easily store it inside the box. The larger AQ11 speaker also has a dry box, but I’m not sure how much larger it is.

LIFEPROOF Aquaphonics AQ10 Speaker REVIEW

So how does it sound? It’s honestly got a really nice, rich, deep sound. As far as bass goes, it’s not like a subwoofer is hooked up to it, but it doesn’t sound hollow either. The volume control is directly connected to the phone (it’s not independent of the phone’s volume), but it amplifies it nicely. For example, let’s say I have the phone set to volume level 3. I would say that same volume level on the speaker is about 30% louder than the phone itself. I love that the speaker has advanced controls on it and that they aren’t difficult to press. Some waterproof speakers have ‘sticky’ controls that I’m not a fan of.

LIFEPROOF Aquaphonics AQ10 Speaker REVIEW

All in all, this is a really nice option for an outdoor speaker. It’s large enough to produce a powerful sound, but it’s easy enough to handle that you can take it with you anywhere.

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