LG G4 Wallet Case Review:

A unique leather wallet case for the LG G4.

LG G4 Wallet Case Review 3Lightning Knight has some of the most inexpensive cases for smartphones. In most cases when you hear the word inexpensive case, you might want to shy away from it because they are usually poorly made. With the cases I’ve had the opportunity to use from Lightning Knight, I’ve found them to be built very well and the LG G4 Wallet Case is no different.

Keeping my phone safe is a must for me. With my iPhone 6 Plus, I have an Apple Care protection plan and I try to go case-less, but for this phone, my only protection plan is the case surrounding my device. The LG G4 Wallet Case provides ample protection for your mobile device. Its covering provides impact protection while also providing an anti-dust, tear resistant case. The design gives the user easy access to all the ports and buttons without having to remove the phone from the case.

LG G4 Wallet Case Review 4The case actually consists of two parts – the inner bumper case and the out leather covering. Now don’t mistake what I’m saying – the two aren’t detectable from each other, but the phone resides within the bumper while the leather wallet part folds over the top of it. Part of makes this such a nice design is that you can also fold the case into a optimal viewing angle for videos or horizontal reading.

One of the things that I really like about this type of case is that it serves more than one purpose. With it being a wallet case in addition to adding protection, it allows me the ease of not having to carry a wallet. The case has plenty of card slots and a specific place for an ID holder. There is also a small pocket for the user to be able to carry a small amount of cash.

LG G4 Wallet Case Review 5CONCLUSIONS
All in all, this is a very versatile, useful case. If you are looking to protect your phone and do it at a low cost, then this is a winning case. The Lightning Knight LG G4 Wallet Case retails for $11.