Invite friends/contacts to Legitifi to generate a strong profile.  Make sure people are who they say they are.

Imagine you are in a very exciting text relationship with Jill, only to find out that the supposed 20 something is actually someone else.  Or imagine you send Jake a text to meet up at the local popular hangout only to find out that he is not what the picture showed.  With the explosion of the virtual world, it has become very difficult to prove who you are communicating with.  As an adult, this may only amount to a minor annoyance/inconvenience or it may be dangerous.  However, as a parent of three young children, this is absolutely terrifying.  Catfishing is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media, to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.” My first experience with catfishing was in the movie “First Kid,” in 1996.  In this movie, Sinbad (Agent Simms) plays a secret service agent, who was striving to cover the Eagle, Mr. President. Unfortunately, he did not get that gig, he was assigned to cover the president’s teenage son.  SPOILER ALERT, the boy was communicating with an online friend Mongoose 12. Mongoose 12 ended up being a former disgruntled Agent and ended up kidnapping the boy.  Even though this was a comedy in my youth, it is now much more of a real-life suspense.  Watching movies like this or the movie “Prisoners,” featuring Jake Gyllenhaal makes me want to hug my children and unplug our devices from the internet.  What if there was a way to better vet the sources and to have a better handle on those you communicate with.  Legitifi may have the answer for you.

Legitifi Information

Start by navigating to the IOS App Store and downloading the Legitifi application. Open the app and learn about the application through the opening sequence within the carousel. You will be asked to log in using Facebook and then you will be invited to accept notifications.  Add your cell phone number and then enter the received 6 digit text code.   You can then add networks to complete your profile (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumbler, Google+, etc.)  If you have forgotten your passwords, this step will allow you to recover them, which is quite convenient.  Each of these networks adds to your overall profile.  Once complete, you will be given a social media completeness profile score.

Legitifi APP

From the main screen, you can tap the 3 horizontal bars along the top right to access the following sections: Home, Profile, Link more networks, choose a group, charity rankings, change charity, enter the promo code, notifications, tutorial settings and log out.  From your profile, you can choose the option along the bottom right “Share Profile,”  and share via text message or email.  From the main screen, you can also share your profile by tapping the “+ Join” Icon.  You can also invite friends and vouch for them using the “okay icon.”  Invite contacts from Facebook, Contacts and Gmail.  This scans through all of the social media sources and will allow sources to “vouch” for your identity.

Legitifi Vouch

Returning to the main screen, you can search for names, utilizing a single search bar.  You can search by phone number, name or email address to find information about a person.  Legitifi takes your safety seriously and as an added benefit searches the name through the National Sex Offender Registry and through public arrest/criminal records.  To test this feature, I navigated to the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry and looked for names around my address.  I then searched these names in the Legitifi application.  It brought up “POSSIBLY DANGEROUS,” which suggests that you should do some more research or reconsider the individual.  As an additional safety feature, they have yellow highlighted profiles for underage teenagers, aged 13-17.  Legitifi blocks the profile information of minors and does allow adults to lock their profiles as well.  If the name you search is not registered, the app will tell you.  You can invite friends to download the app through the vouch/donate options. Again, you can send the app to your Facebook contacts, google contacts. You can see who is using Legitifi.  Donate will allow them to give money to charity through signing up.

Legitifi Application

Along the top left, you can see a charity tracker.  For every new user that joins, Legitifi will donate to a charity of your choosing.  They say that they will not sell your data and they will not post to Facebook.  The company claims this app is ideal for that first/blind date, business meeting, meeting someone from a Facebook Buy/Sell or other local buy sell the site, Airbnb, renting to a potential roommate, hiring a potential client.  Now you have a better chance of knowing what you are getting and who you are meeting.   The biggest limitation of the app is the user base.  Without a large group of friends to vouch for you, your profile will not be that strong.  Additionally, people set up fake Facebook accounts all the time   The app goes live on 6/14/17 on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.  I look forward to seeing what this app has in store for us. If you suspect someone has faked a profile please them at  If you decide that this application is not for you, you can delete the profile through settings.

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