LEFUN USB 2.0 Wall Charger Review 2Great charger for traveling.

I have a confession. Other than buying the larger 12W Apple USB Power adapter for my iPad 2 a few years ago, I have never purchased a wall charger. Honestly, unless you have the New Nintendo 3DS XL (does not ship with a charger if any kind), why would you need to buy a wall charger? Devices usually ship with a charger.

I have been given a LEFUN 18 Watt Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 USB Adapter to review for you. The device ships in a brown box with a surrounding white slip cover. The packaging is descriptive and the device is shown on the cover.l along with the intended use of the device. Removing the slipcover, the brown box is rather simplistic, only showing the company logo on the top. Inside, you find the charger encased in cardboard and beneath this is a USB to micro cable and manual.

LEFUN USB 2.0 Wall Charger Review 3The device is rather large, measuring ~ 2 inches wide by ~2.5 inches tall and about ~1.5 inches thick (picture to the left from manufacturer website) vs the apple charger, which is about 2x2x1.25 inches. The charger has 3 parts, the body, the AC plug and the QC 2.0 Charging Port. This device is equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick charge 2.0 technology, which will allow for faster charging of certain devices ( please see list below). The manual claims the device to charge up to 75% faster, allowing for 60% charge to your phone within about 30 minutes. Other non 2.0 USB devices will charge at their needed/usual output. Unfortunately, to fully use the technology, your device must be equipped with a quick charge 2.0 certified power supply. I do not have any devices currently that utilize this technology.

The input accepts 100-240V .6A max input and outputs at 18W maximum 5V 2A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A. The packaging states that this has an exchangeable AC plug design, but the instruction manual nor website (accessed by QR code) did not explain this further. The best part of the device appears to be the built in safety features. The company states that there are built in fail safes, short and surge protection prevent overcurrent, overcharging and overheating.

LEFUN USB 2.0 Wall Charger Review 4The package contents include: the quick charge wall charger, 3.3 foot micro USB cable, user manual. The manual does have a QR code that links to their website. The website is easy to navigate and has some amazing devices, which are definitely worth perusing.

Here is a list of some of the pros of the device. I really appreciate that the company thought about its customers by including a longer USB cable. Some companies I have seen include short cables of roughly 1 to 1 1/2 feet, which are often quite short and difficult to use. The device does have an 18 month warranty that is stated to be hassle free, which is a bonus. I have used this charger nightly for the past week and found it to charge equally as well as my iPhone power charger. Again, I do not have any devices using the 2.0 charging technology. My phone did not feel any hotter than it does normally while charging. I received roughly 1% charge every 50-60s, which is on par with my apple chargers and my current charging method INAROCK 5 USB smart charger.

LEFUN USB 2.0 Wall Charger Review 8I am intrigued by the universal travel possibility. I have not recently experienced any overseas travel, but may in the next year or so. The device feels well built/industrial and the colors are classy and metallic, which does grant me a feeling of reassurance. All around the device feels well built. I am more than happy to have this device, it has done very well and I enjoy the safety features. I wish I could test the 2.0 tech. I give this device 4/5 stars, only in that I cannot test its full functionality.

The Qualcom Quick Charge technology is still relatively new. I have recently reviewed a car charger (CHOETECH) with this same technology. The QC 2.0 technology was developed in 2012 and more and more devices are adopLEFUN USB 2.0 Wall Charger Review 7ting it. It is well known that this will charge supported devices faster but may heat up the devices more than usual, which is apparently acceptable. Again, built in safety features have been added to reduce against overcurrent, overcharging and short circuit.

I may have future tech that supports this QC 2.0, as my wife has taken to the Samsung Galaxy family (Currently on S5) while I am firmly rooted in my love of Apple. I would highly encourage you to look into this device, if needing a new charger, traveling to foreign countries and especially if you have a 2.0 chargeable device. 4/5 stars.

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