Cable a unique lighting fixture that charges and syncs flawlessly.

LED Lightning Cable Review 3A couple of years ago, I found a cable that had LEDs in it. They were supposed to light up when the cable was plugged in and charging your phone. Unfortunately, it was not MFi certified. That means that it is not made to work with Apple devices. It will charge Apple devices, but won’t work as a data transfer/syncing cable. And, when it was plugged, there was a warning on the screen that said, “This accessory may not be supported.” If you’ve ever seen that, it’s because it’s not MFi certified. I was very disappointed about that LED Lightning Cable because I had been so excited about it. Fortunately, iasg makes a very nice Lightning cable that lights up and is MFi Certified.

This LED charge/sync cable is tangle-free and features a flat design. It’s easy to carry around since it doesn’t get knots in it. Something to note, you actually want to be cautious about folding it as that could break the LED strip on the inside of the cable. It has a smart turn-off feature that causes the LED light to extinguish once a device is done charging. The LED Lightning Cable also has a fast data rate at 480 Mbps, which is approximately 10% faster than most standard cables.

LED Lightning Cable Review 4So, how does it look? Well, it’s very flashy looking. When you first plug the cable into your power outlet or computer, the cable’s LED lights will flow freely whether or not it’s plugged into a device. This only stays on for a few seconds before it turns off. If the cable is charging or syncing a device it will light up as long as syncing or charging is in progress. Now, one of the very cool things about this cable is that the LED lights speed flow will change depending on the intensity of the charging or syncing. I found this to be very cool and it was definitely something I had not seen in other LED light up cables.

I used the LED Lightning Cable to charge my iPhone 6 and found that charging time was comparable to the standard Lightning cable, but really enjoyed the special lighting that came along with the LED cable. The price of this cable is a bit higher than the standard Lightning Cable from Apple, which is really the only issue I see with this cable.

If you like interesting lighting, this cable is definitely something you should check out.