A sturdy wallet case with style.

When I first found out about wallet cases for mobile phones, I thought they were the greatest accessory ever made. Carry your phone and your essential items in one case?! It just made too much sense. That was a couple of years ago and now they seem to be a dime a dozen. It really takes a special wallet case to stand out in the crowd and the Leather Icon Wallet Case does just that.

Leather Icon iPhone Wallet Case REVIEW

Premium accessory company, HEX, designed this rather remarkable wallet case for the iPhone with the intention of creating something that has a use and looked good at the same time. The Leather Icon Wallet Case is made from genuine leather and is aged for a special vintage look. It has a slim profile and a molded phone bed to reinforce the strength of the case as well as provide a layer to help with impact protection for the phone. The cover is kept closed with an elastic closure, which helps provide protection for your phone’s screen and also your cards and cash that you have in tow. There are three card slots and a cash pocket, which is fairly standard for wallet cases. HEX does recommend that you store only one card per slot.

Leather Icon iPhone Wallet Case REVIEW

During my testing, I used the Leather Icon Wallet for about a week as my exclusive iPhone case. It protected my phone very well. I never had any problems with it slipping out of the interior case body and I didn’t have any issues with the cards scratching the face of my phone. I did drop my phone a couple of times accidentally and found that the case provided very nice protection for the iPhone. The elastic band didn’t seem to lose any elasticity, which was a concern of mine when I started using it. I did find that if you leave the elastic band in place to keep the case closed and there is no phone to help the case keep its shape, the cover will warp slightly.

Getting cards and cash in and out of the wallet case was very easy. I didn’t find them catching at all or getting stuck. The style of the wallet is what really drew me into the Leather Icon case. It’s got a deep teal color (as well as other color options) and that made it unique. I love how textured it is and the vintage look it holds. The wallet case is definitely a premium accessory.

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