Layrs receives update to version 4.0.

Last year, we published a couple of reviews on Layrs, a graphic design app for iOS that allows for multi-layer photo editing. Since its launch in July 2013, Layrs has had over 1 million downloads from the iTunes App Store. In addition to that, the developers have tracked more than 100,000 users who use Layrs on a regular basis. It’s been a fast-track experience for the app and they are still growing. We are excited to announce that Layrs developer, Artware, Inc., has recently released a substantial update – Layrs 4.0.

With Layrs 4.0 you still have the remarkable multi-layer editing functions, but now, you also have the ability to –

  • separate photos into unlimited layers and edit each one individually
  • add multiple objects taken from other photos
  • experience a wide range of color effects and filters
  • manipulate objects and control transparency of objects and their filter effects

The option to have unlimited layers within a photo is a feature has never been seen before within a mobile app. It’s something that’s typically been reserved for desktop applications, but is now available on the go, too.

“This is a pivotal release for us,“ says Moti Kintzlinger, co­founder and CEO of Artware, Inc. “While we have added significant enhancements and editing tools to the app, we’ve also kept Layrs intuitive and simple to use. This release provides users professional features and ease of use not previously seen in mobile photo editors. The beauty of Layrs is that it flattens the hierarchy of photo editing ­­ apps like Photoshop Express can be too complicated for hobbyist photographers, while apps like Hipstamatic don’t provide the functionality that more advanced/professional photographers are looking for. Our app combines ease of function with amazing features to provide a photo editing experience that is great for both professionals and amateurs. Layrs has raised the bar for mobile photo editing and we’re delighted to share the updated app with the public.”

Layrs is a truly unique, easy to use app that any photo editor should have on their iOS devices. Layrs is free to downloads from the iTunes App Store.

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