Despite a few initial issues, it’s a good option for charging on the go.

Power makes the world go round — especially since we all operate off of mobile devices these days. I personally always carry my iPhone, smartwatch or fitness tracker, iPad, and laptop with me practically everywhere I go. Towards the end of the day, my iPhone is in dire need of power and I’m not always tethered to a power outlet. So, I turn to portable batteries like the LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack.


The LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack is a 12,000 mAh power bank that is designed to charge most smartphones up to 6 times on a single charge. The battery has two USB-A output charging ports and two input charging ports — one Lightning and one Micro USB. A Micro USB cable is supplied with the battery, but the Lightning cable is not. You have the ability to charge two devices at the same time and one of them can be a tablet as one of the USB ports provides 5V/2.1A of power delivery. There are two unique features to this battery — its digital display and the method you use to activate said display. The description from states: Shake the power bank to light up the hidden display to see the charge level of the power bank. This information is not outlined in the user manual and can only be found in the website description. The power bank is available in three colors — black, gold, and pink.

LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack REVIEW


Because of its unique style, digital display, and promise to have a rapid charge, I was excited to use the LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack. It’s slim — only slightly thicker than my iPhone 7 — and can easily be carried in a pocket or laptop bag. With multiple USB ports and high battery capacity, this power bank was nearly a slam dunk for me. Unfortunately, I had a bad first impression with it and that left a sour taste in my mouth.

First of all, the LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack comes packaged in a well-labeled, retail box. There is a clear image of the battery on the cover of the box and a simple description of its features included. You have the option of opening the cover to reveal the true product inside if you wish. The power bank ships with a Micro USB cable and a user manual. The box indicates that the power bank should arrive in a customer’s hands “pre-charged”.

LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack REVIEW

Now, I’ve had some pre-charged batteries come out of a box brand new with very little charge but the LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack had zero charge. There wasn’t even enough to register on the display. I actually rated it as ‘beyond dead’ because it took about 30 seconds for the battery to even register that it was plugged into a power source for charging. One observation I made when it finally started charging was that small “IN” indicator blinks slowly to show that the power bank is charging.

So, strike one for me was that the pre-charged battery arrived in a beyond dead state. Strike two was lack of communication about operational directions — also known as “shake the power bank to access display”. I spent the better part of my testing period trying to get the display to light up. There was no button on the device at all and I simply could not find an answer. The user guide didn’t provide any information other than generic power bank details. It didn’t even mention the display. Late into the testing phase, I was reviewing the details of the product and discovered on the website that the instructions are included. It ended up being a simple action — shaking the battery or gently tapping it. I really just wish the user guide was more specific.

LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack REVIEW

Fortunately, after the logistics were worked out for my testing of this battery, I didn’t run into any other problems. The power bank performed admirably and didn’t even have a heat issue. My iPhone 7 was the test subject since the power bank fell into my lap. With it being a 12K mAh capacity, my iPhone can get nearly 12 full charges out of it. When I plugged in my iPhone for charging, it was at 73%. After 1 hour and 42 minutes, the iPhone had gained 24% power. I also looked at how long it would take the power bank to recharge. After charging it for 2 hours and 12 minutes, the battery had gained 34%.


Despite some rocky starts that I had with the LAX Pro 12k Battery Pack, it really is a decent, high-quality power bank. It’s affordable (approximately $60 at the time of publishing) and it allows you to charge multiple devices at one time. As long as you go into this device knowing how to operate it, it’s a great option for recharging on the go.

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