A nice travel companion recharging

As my phone ages, I notice that I have to provide it with a worthy power source more and more often. I rely pretty heavily on portable power banks because I’m always on the go. I do have some that are quite large (both in capacity and physical dimensions) but I really enjoy the much smaller compact power banks like the LAX Dual USB Port 7200mAh Power Bank. Not only does it have sufficient power to charge my iPhone 7 3.5 times and still have a little bit of juice left over.


The LAX Dual USB Port 7200mAh Power Bank has a built-in smart LED display which is a very unique feature for this battery. The power bank has three ports — USB-A, Lightning, and Micro USB. The USB-A is strictly for output charging and the Lightning port is for input charging. The Micro USB port, however, can be used for either input or output charging. This means you can charge two devices simultaneously with this power bank. The power bank has a small button on the side that activates the charging function and turns the display on so that you can see how much of a charge is remaining on the battery. The battery is almost exactly the same size as my iPhone 7 just as lightweight. It comes in one color — black — and has a glossy finish.

7200 Rapid Charge Power Bank


When I first started using this power bank, I was an hour into a 3-hour long road trip. My phone was closing in on 5% battery and I needed to give it power. Normally, we have a car charger in the truck with us, but for some reason this time it was missing from the material sphere. I had brought along the LAX Dual USB Port 7200mAh Power Bank to test out and I ended up in desperate need of it. Emergency power is the #1 reason to have a spare power bank in your pocket. So, I dug the LAX power bank out of my duffle bag and plugged my iPhone 7 into it.

I was delighted to discover the LED smart indicator on the face of the power bank. It is very clear to read and it stays illuminated as long as something is charging from it. One thing I did notice though is that it seemed to drain particularly fast at first. The first time I used it the battery started at 72% capacity (out of the box, it’s precharged) but within 23 minutes, it was showing 34%. In subsequent charging cycles, the power bank seemed to charge normally and not lose as much of a charge.

7200 Rapid Charge Power Bank

After charging my phone for 112 minutes, it had gained 31% battery power, which is approximately 0.27% per minute. I did a check to see how much power was being pushed to the iPhone. To do this, I used a DROK Digital USB Tester. After a 30-second reading, the power delivery from the LAX power bank was showing 5.0V/1.67A, which is a fairly standard power delivery amount for my iPhone. What was strange about it was that the tester fluctuated on the amperage with every second that ticked by. I will normally see the numbers shift throughout a 30-second test, but not every second.

When it came to charging the power bank, I tried both the Lightning and Micro USB ports. The first time I tried using a wall outlet that has a USB port for device charging in conjunction with a Lighting cable. The Lightning cable was a very tight fit. I actually thought that I would end up breaking the port when I tried to insert the cable into the port on the power bank. When I finally got it in place, I plugged it into the power outlet. The battery started charging, but it was a very slow charge. After about 20 minutes, the power bank had only gained 1%. I actually discontinued charging from that outlet at this point. I then tried charging it using a Micro USB cable from the AUKEY PowerHub XL Charging Station. Each of its USB ports pushes out 2.4A to connected devices. I had much better luck with this power source. Not only was I able to gain 15% power within 19 minutes using the Micro USB cable, but I was also able to get a charge using a Lightning cable (48% in 60 minutes). After that charging test, I determined that the reason the power bank wasn’t receiving a charge is that the USB port wasn’t providing enough amperage (I was using the port that had 1A).

7200 Rapid Charge Power Bank


While I had somewhat of a rocky start using the LAX Dual USB Port 7200mAh Power Bank, I actually found it to be a great traveling companion. There were a few quirks to it, but after I got those figured out, I was happy with the power bank’s performance.

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