LAX 6ft. Braided Lightning Charger (Limited Edition Blue/Red) – Strong and durable braided cable to charge up the new iPhone 7

I have the worst luck with the standard Apple lightning chargers.  When choosing a new charger I look for braided cables and MFi certification.  Braided cables give me that extra resistance for frequent use and travel.  MFi certification gives me assurance that the product will work with my Apple devices.  Nothing is worse that a not supported device notification.  The LAX 6ft. braided lightning cable has both and has a limited edition interesting design that gives an added flair for those that love to accessorize their tech.

LAX 6ft (Limited Edition Blue/Red) Braided Lightning Cable REVIEW

My first impression of this lightning cable is that it has an odd color combination that has grown on me.  The lighting connector tip is rose gold and the braided cable is blue, red, and white.  The reason I have fallen for it is the fact it’s easy to spot if my desk is a mess.  Most of my accessories on my desk are rose gold so that paired with it works very nicely.  The 6ft. cord is the perfect length for feeding behind and under my desk to a USB port surge protector.  It has plenty of length for me to be able to use my phone and when not in use it falls behind the desk.  There is also a velcro strap which I connected to my lamp so the entire chord won’t fall behind the desk when not in use.

LAX 6ft (Limited Edition Blue/Red) Braided Lightning Cable REVIEWThanks to the LAX 6ft. braided lightning cable being Apple certified I’ve had no issues charging my iPhone 7 Plus, and iPad Mini Air 2.  It charges the same speed as any other lightning charger but the bonus is the braided strength.  I have used some braided cables that felt slightly more durable than standard cables but still felt flimsy due to lack of thickness to the braid.  I feel that this cable has a thick and tightly wrapped braid and will hold up from me twisting it around while using my phone.

There are other limited edition colors available and for the price of this charger, I feel overall this is a very good deal.  Not only is the value great but the fact it will last longer than standard cables makes it even more valuable.

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