iPad Air 2 Workstation is a partner for working on the go.

Over the past few years, I’ve been able to test out quite a few different Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad. I like using them when I have to work remotely because it makes it possible for me to be more productive with a full tactile keyboard than just the on-screen touch keyboard that is provided with the system’s OS. I’ve tried everything from the Apple SmartKeyboard to detached folding keyboards. Having experienced what LAUT has to offer with iPhone cases, I was curious to find out what their Workstation for iPad Air 2 would have in store for the average user. Here’s what I found out.

First of all, it comes in some really nice packaging. There are some keyboards that ship in really awkward packages that don’t provide much protection, but LAUT made sure that their packaging was complete and encased the whole keyboard for safe passage to the consumer. It ships with a Micro USB cable for charging purposes.

LAUT Workstation Bluetooth Keyboard REVIEW

The Workstation utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 for a fast, reliable connection to your iPad. One of the recent trends with Bluetooth keyboard cases is to provide a magnetic positioning system that will not only keep your iPad upright while you type, but it will also automatically connect your iPad and keyboard without having to go through the BT menu every single time you want to use it. The battery in the keyboard case should provide about 5 hours of use. I can’t confirm that since I’ve not used it for that long of a period of time. The case also features an on/off closure — also known as the sleep/wake function.

One of the unique features of the Workstation is the customizable backlit LED keyboard. There are a lot of BT keyboards out there that have a backlight, but I’ve not used one that has a customizable one. That said, Workstation’s customization is somewhat limited. LAUT provided an RGB key that allows you to cycle through seven different colors — blue, green, red, teal, purple, yellow, and aqua. This gives the keyboard a ‘gamers’ feel to it. The keyboard backlight will automatically turn off if the keyboard is not being used for a few minutes, but the color is vibrant and you have the option of 3 levels of brightness with it.

LAUT Workstation Bluetooth Keyboard REVIEW

The case feels pretty good in your hands. It’s made out of anodized metal casing and rubberized hard plastic for durability. Again, this is something I value in a Bluetooth keyboard case — that the case is actually protective. The case has a classy look to it and is still very functional.

As I began to use the Workstation, I had a few problems when I first started using it. It arrived with a dead battery so I had to wait for it to charge before I could use it. I thought that I might be able to start typing while it was on charge, but the keyboard was basically locked from powering on while the cable was plugged into it. The manual states that it takes two hours to fully charge the keyboard’s battery — I only had it plugged in for a little over an hour.

LAUT Workstation Bluetooth Keyboard REVIEW

Once I was able to really use it, I found the keys to be responsive and have a nice bounce back on them. I didn’t really notice any kind of lag or slowdown from it being a wireless keyboard. I did have some issues with hitting the up arrow key when I would go to tap shift key. This is because the shift key is right next to the arrow keys and the shift key is half the size of a normal shift key.

All in all the Workstation is a really nice option for an iPad Bluetooth keyboard. Its keys are responsive, it has some really nice additional features (like the customizable backlighting), and it’s price is inline with other premium Bluetooth keyboard cases (around $100).

For more information, visit itslaut.com/work-station
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