R1 IMPKT case provides advanced protection in a cool stylish case.

I am a fan of cases. If you’ve ever read any of the reviews I’ve written on phone cases, you will understand why I am a big proponent of cases and if you haven’t, let’s just I had an unfortunate experience that resulted in a broken, unusable iPhone. I have tested out many different styles and find the ones I like the best have minimal bulk, but strong protection. Sometimes, it’s hard to find both features in a case AND have it be stylish at the same time. LAUT, a company I just recently discovered, makes a wonderful minimalist case called the R1 IMPKT.

LAUT R1 IMPKT iPhone 7 Case

The R1 IMPKT is designed to provide military-level protection with a unique style. The case has been drop test certified (exceeds MIL-STD-810) and it’s ultra slim and lightweight. It has the LAUT core technology that is designed to absorb and dissipate impact when it happens. The case provides easy access to all the ports and buttons. There are two styles of R1 IMPKT case — Ridgeback and Leather. Each style has multiple colors. The Ridgeback version has an anti-scratch design and the Leather version features a faux leather back panel. Both styles come packaged with a screen protector like the other LAUT cases I’ve reviewed.

LAUT R1 IMPKT iPhone 7 Case

For my purposes, it’s just been a good all-around case. I’ve not put it through a lot of wacky drop tests on purposes, but I have, unfortunately, knocked my phone of counters a couple of times and found that my phone has been very well protected when it hits the floor. I really love the style of the R1 IMPKT. I’m currently using one of the Ridgeback versions and find it to be quite unique. The color options are vibrant and I love how the back is rigid. The only issue I’ve had has been that I can’t use this case with my charging dock. The case is just a bit too bulky along the bottom for me to be able to set it on the dock at night.

The LAUT R1 IMPKT is great for everyday use. It’s protective, but not restrictive and it has a great style to it. I can recommend the R1 IMPKT for anyone who wants great protection, but not a full ‘body suit’ for their phone.

For more information, visit itslaut.com/R1-IMPKT.
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