Power Dash delivers fast and efficient charge to all your devices.

My new job means a lot of travel for me. With that, I seem to live in my car most of the time. It’s my office and sometimes a great place to take a nap. Like most people on the road today, I have several devices on me or in my car at any given time and charging them can be quite problematic. Most car chargers will only charge one or two devices at a time. They also will charge at a very slow rate with some you get an occasional quick charge. This is problematic for anyone with more that two devices. It’s even worse for any passengers I the car with you. Everyone has at least a smartphone with them. Not all cars have multiple power ports. This is my serious disconnect with devices in the car. It is a constant switch off devices while driving. That’s always safe at 70MPH. I needed a simple and safe solution that would still look at home amongst the interior of my car.

LAUT Power Dash

After trying out several lackluster and underperforming car chargers, including nifty R2D2 car charger, I came across Laut’s Power Dash 9.6. From first glance, I had high hopes for the Power Dash 9.6. Right out of the box the first thing you notice are four USB ports. While I have seen a few other car chargers with four USB ports, the Power Dash does it in a significantly smaller design. At around one inch wide and two inches long it doesn’t take up space on a dashboard or in a center console of any vehicle. The gray front face has a shiny chrome bezel around the edge and every USB port giving it that extra little touch that just makes it much more appealing.

LAUT Power Dash

The best and most important design feature of the Power Dash 9.6 are the USB charging ports themselves. Most car chargers give you a slow charge that can take longer than you have. The Power Dash gives you four USB ports that put out 5 volts/ 2.4 amps. This means you can fast charge until your heart is content. My first run with the Power Dash was only a short two and a half hour drive. During the drive, I was able to power my wireless headset, iPhone, GPS, and a completely dead iPad. Not once did anything act up and the iPad was almost at a full charge. This is one of the devices that come along that integrate with our life like it’s an extension of ourselves, or at least powers those much-needed extensions.

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