The perfect choice for patriots and travelers alike, NOMAD celebrates the cities you love.

I always keep a case on my phone. It’s almost a compulsion of mine. I had a horrible accident with my first iPhone (it was before cases were made for the device) and ever since I’ve wanted to make sure it’s safe and secure. Along with those sentiments, I also want my case to be stylish and unique. That’s why I really like the NOMAD iPhone Case from Laut.

Before I got this case I didn’t know much about Laut as a company. They strive to design solutions for smartphones without compromising the user’s personal style. They try to combine tech with lifestyle and fashion, which was intriguing to me so I took a look at the NOMAD case first.

Laut NOMAD iPhone Case

This case is a very minimalist case. It’s a bumper style and wraps around the iPhone 7 nicely. All the buttons and ports are accessible and installing the phone in the case is very simple. You just put one side of the phone in and then snap the rest of the case around the phone frame. Laut designed this case to be lightweight and minimal, but still protective. It’s got a small lip on it so that the screen of your phone is protected when it’s laid flat on a surface. I am one of those phone users who tend to put my phone face down so it’s not a distraction when I’m in meetings or spending time with family. So, the added security that my screen is protected is nice. In addition to the lip for the screen, I was very happy that Laut included a screen protector, too. It’s a simple clear self-adhesive screen protector and it really helps with surface scratches.

Laut NOMAD iPhone Case

Now what makes the case unique is the city design included on the back. I had Brooklyn and San Francisco to test out and thought it was an incredibly interesting way do design a case. The design is made using a dual-layer construction technique. It gives the map depth and 3D perspective. The case is scratch resistant and shows very little wear and tear. While I was actively testing this case, I had it on my phone exclusively for about ten days. There are some minor surface scratches and fingerprints do collect on it, but it’s no worse than other cases of this type. The bottom is slim enough to allow for charging on a dock and I’ve not had any issues with connecting a third-party Lightning cable.

Laut NOMAD iPhone Case

Laut made a really nice minimalist case with the NOMAD. It’s protective but has a unique style. There are eight different city styles in all – Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Brooklyn, San Francisco, New York, and Taipei. The case is available for iPhone 6/6 Plus/7/7 Plus. The iPhone 7/7 Plus cases are available through Laut’s website and the iPhone 6 Plus case can be purchased through our Amazon link below.

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