Brighten your life with the Light Therapy Lamp from Lastar. 

I used to work in a dark, windowless office and I ended up feeling down and tired by the end of the day. I thought that part of the general malaise was because I was sitting too much during the day, but since I’ve been working from home in a room that has a window in it, I recognize that the lack of sunlight and the Vitamin D one gets from it was likely the cause. So, if you work in an office with little access to sunlight what do you do? Acquiring a light therapy lamp, like the one from Lastar Home, is a great option to bring a little light to your darkened workspace. 

Lastar Light Therapy Lamp


The Light Therapy Lamp provides 10,000 LUX UV-free sunlight to the users. The light is glare-free and mimics daylight at 6500K to help combat depression. The lamp features custom brightness settings and you can adjust the levels between 20-100%. The lamp is made with 60 evenly spaced LEDs. They deliver full brightness at 12W without any UV light or other polluting radiation. The lamp measures 5.3 x 4.7 x 2.0 inches and takes up very little space. This makes it easy to store and transport. It’s designed to work in a variety of places such as a desk, kitchen counter, or vanity. There are two touch buttons for power and brightness control. 

Lastar Light Therapy Lamp


The lamp comes in a simple box branded with the Lastar logo and colors. When you open the box, you will find the user manual, power cable, and lamp wrapped in foam. The lamp is small in form and very lightweight. The setup of the lamp is very quick and easy. The power cable plugs into a standard power outlet and into the back of the lamp. The light has two controls – power on/off and the brightness level button. One thing I was instantly impressed with was the size of the lamp. I’ve seen other light therapy lamps and they are much larger and take up way too much space. This lamp takes up about the same amount of space as a Bluetooth speaker.

The lamp does have a small footprint and it’s very convenient for smaller workspaces like what I have. The operation is very easy with the small touch buttons on the back of the lamp. I do have to admit that I would like it more if the brightness controls were based on a dimmer and not a pre-programmed level. There are three brightness modes – 40%, 60%, and 100%. To me, the 40% is a little too much sometimes and I would like there to be at least one lower setting.

Lastar Light Therapy Lamp
Lamp at 40% brightness.

Aside from that, I have very few complaints about the operation of the light. As far as how well it works, the lamp does seem to provide a lot of brightness for a workspace. I have it set to the lowest setting and think it does a great job. I think it works well for compact desk spaces and offices that don’t get natural sunlight through a window. 


This little lamp is a great option for bringing light therapy to your office. It’s a convenient, cost-effective lamp that fits with any decor. 

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