Today I got my first chance to play with the iPad, I was at my local BestBuy, my first encounter with the iPad was not anything special, BestBuy had put some sort of screen protecter on the iPad which made typing and sliding on the glass very hard to do. I am a very loyal Apple user, but unless you are an avid book reader and plaining on buying an Amazon Kindle I don’t think the purchase of an iPad is very practical. Altho the iPad has some great features its definitely not a Laptop replacement by any type of means. So now my countdown till noon on Friday has began. I will be getting a 17-inch Macbook Pro at a very good price, I’ve been waiting to get this for quite sometime for business use. Knowing my goal is right around the corner its killing me having to wait. The next 4 days I will be ripping everything out of my garage for spring cleaning, this will be a great way to keep busy while getting my stuff organized. Lately iv’e been quite a busy person, this is why I don’t post very often to my blog. I’m just happy to be-able to make two reviews for per week. Now its time to get some rest for tomorrows big day cleaning.