Lapa helps to locate misplaced belongings.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, things are often misplaced. If most people are like me, we are all doomed. I constantly misplace pretty much everything. I try to make routines and set places for everything almost to the point of a chalk outline of everything. With an active home life and crazy work life, I tend to loose a lot more than most people I know. I have tried simple solutions to no avail. Luckily I do believe my search is over.

Lapa Bluetooth Tracker REVIEW

Lapa is a new take on the tracking device that we have seen flooding the market. At about 1 inch Square device can be put on pretty much anything, A key ring, a pet, a bag, or really anything you can talk into. Like a lot of competitors it pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth to help you keep track of any lost item, but there still a lot more to it. Now it’s easy to just attach something to your key ring and lose your keys and have it beep. Missing the little gadgets for years and we’ve improved upon them because I don’t really work most of the time. Lapa differentiates itself in multiple ways. Well, you can just slip it on the key ring and lose your keys with a simple click of a button on your smartphone you can hear it beep and light up making it easy to find even in the couch cushion. While that’s handy and does work in most situations, here are some instances where making noise might wake up a loved one, so Lapa what you find your lost item quietly. You simply open up the app and walk around.

Lapa Bluetooth Tracker REVIEW

Once you get somewhere close your smartphone let you know that you’re on the right path with a set of rings that expand when you get closer and closer letting you know that you’re almost there and then when you’re right there within arm’s length. This seems like a trivial feature to some but does anyone with kids know you want to stay quiet as much as possible whenever you can. Another cool feature is Lost Mode. With this enabled you never get far away from whatever it is you’re trying to keep track of. Your phone will alert you want your short distance away so you never forget your items. Just in case you’re out and about and you lose whatever you’re trying to keep track of there’s also a map in the app to let you know the last spot that your phone had contact, so no more retracing every single step, you know exactly where you left it. The last really cool feature let you report the Lapa lost. In helping you recover your loss device or items you have the opportunity to post directly to Facebook in the app, or the crowd source with other users with the hopes to you I don’t be returned to you.

Lapa Bluetooth Tracker REVIEW

Set up is fairly easy. If you can set up any Bluetooth device you can set the Lapa up. The in-app directions walk you right through every single step and make the use easy enough for almost anyone. You can also set up more than one device as well as name them accordingly if yours forgetful as I am.

And just the first day I almost lost my work keys, including the key to my safe, but the Lapa alerted me before I could walk away too far. In less than 24 hours, my life just gets a little bit easier and I will probably save 10 to 15 minutes every day not having to look for anything I’ve misplaced anymore.

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