A great accessory for long-term computer/desk work.

Ever since we moved into our house 4.5 years ago, I’ve been trying to find the best space for me to work in. Our third bedroom, which was intended to be an office space/spare room quickly became a storage locker of sorts and so I’ve been a bit of nomad in my home while I work. I recently set up a comfy little space on our kitchen table, which has suited me well, but I’ve not had a good chair to use. The hardwood dining room chairs are just not meant for long-term use and I am sometimes sitting at my ‘desk’ for hours at a time. I’ve also not wanted to spend a lot of money on a chair that might be temporary depending on how I end up setting my permanent office up. This Mesh Executive Chair from LANGRIA is a very nice, affordable option for any office.

LANGRIA Mesh Executive Chair REVIEW

The chair is made of Korean mesh on the backrest and a mesh upholstered seat. The base is made of very heavy duty nylon with 5 rolling casters. It is fully adjustable with a 360-degree swivel. The chair also features a pneumatic gas lift system for height adjustments of the seat itself. There is a synchro tilt mechanism, which I’ve not noticed on a chair before that supports the body’s natural movement. You can unlock it to recline. The chair has some naturally curved contours that are designed to give lumbar support and keep your spine properly aligned.

LANGRIA Mesh Executive Chair REVIEW LANGRIA Mesh Executive Chair REVIEW

The Mesh Executive Chair required some assembly when it arrived, but if you’ve assembled one office chair, you’ve pretty much assembled them all. The major parts were pre-assembled and it only took about 20 minutes to put it together. The chair comes with side arms, which you may decide to leave off. I will explain in detail a bit later. The one issue I had with the assembly of the chair was that you have to use an Allen wrench (provided). I continue to be surprised that furniture manufacturers haven’t come up with an easier assembly method for consumers.

LANGRIA Mesh Executive Chair REVIEW LANGRIA Mesh Executive Chair REVIEW

The product description from the manufacturer states that this chair will hold up to 285 pounds, which suits me fine. I’m not a small person, but certainly not the biggest. However, it is difficult for someone of my size to find a suitable chair these days. Most standard office chairs are rated up to 225 pounds. The problem with that is that the price difference between a standard office chair and a Big and Tall chair is staggering – it can be up to $100 more for the larger option. So, when I found this option and saw it’s weight rating, I was ecstatic! It is perfect for someone of my size who needs more than 225 pounds, but less than the expensive Big and Tall options.

LANGRIA Mesh Executive Chair REVIEWWith this in mind, I want to point out the one issue I really had with this chair – the arms. The seat itself is a bit narrow, but not slim. The arm rests if assembled properly, end up really applying pressure to the sides of your legs. After I discovered this, I removed the arms and have been extraordinarily happy with the chair ever since. It’s a very comfortable chair and I’ve noticed that some of my back issues have even been alleviated after using it over the hard kitchen table chair.

The Mesh Executive Chair from LANGRIA is a very nice option for any desk or office set-up. It’s affordable, classicly styled, and seems to be very durable. I honestly couldn’t be happier with it.

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