Impressive Neck Pouch includes RFID Blocking Lining.

Landing Gear Passport Holder Review 3Many years ago, I went on a trip to Europe. It was a two week journey that took me through several different countries. I was with a traveling tour group that had about 200 people in it. We were high school aged adolescents and it was highly recommended that we keep our passports on us at all times. If you’ve ever carried one, you know that it’s a bit awkward because of its size. A passport is not something you can exactly fit in your wallet. So, a special pouch was required. I had one that was just big enough to carry my passport and some money. It worked well, but wasn’t really anything special. When I found this passport holder from Landing Gear, I was very impressed and eager to try it out.

Landing Gear Passport Holder Review 4The Landing Gear Passport Holder is made from water-resistant nylon. It’s lightweight, breathable and has a durable neck strap that comes with it. It’s purpose is to allow you to keep your most needed and precious belongings around your neck at all times. The pouch has three storage pockets that include two zippered areas and one with a velcro closure. One of the nice features of this Passport Holder is that in addition to its storage pouches, it also has an ID window on the front so that you can easily show it to anyone who might require it.

Landing Gear’s Passport Holder couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been searching for something like this to use at conventions like Derby Con and CES. I wanted something lightweight and sturdy. This pouch certainly fits that requirement. One extra special bonus feature that this pouch has is the RFID blocking lining. In this day and age of identity theft and ever-evolving technologies, having additional protection for your personal effects is increasingly important. This lining helps prevents against RFID skimming, a form of digital theft. I have a wallet that has this same type of lining and I’m grateful for it.

Landing Gear Passport Holder Review 5The Passport Holder from Landing Gear is very nicely made and has lots of space. In testing it out, I’ve been able to fit my iPhone 6 Plus, earbuds, mini-microphone, credit cards, cash and some other smaller items inside the pouch. It makes it easy to keep these items right around my neck in a safe place when I travel and wander around these events.

If you are looking for a suitable storage pouch for your most important belongings, I can recommend this one from Landing Gear.

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