Kevo Convert provides a solid conversion kit but a lack of features.

I am not typically a lazy person, but blindly poking around in a pocket or bag for keys runs right through me. People spend quite a bit of their lives looking for their house key standing in front of the door looking silly. There has to be an easier way. The future is now. Well, it’s actually been here for a few years. I am a huge fan of home automation because it makes life simpler and easier. Also, it’s just really cool. I know I won’t ever get to be a Jetson or an automatic door, but it would be nice to not have to carry a house key or worry about your child losing their house key and being stuck outside ever again.

Kwikset Kevo Convert

I decided to try the Kevo Convert. At a quick glance, it looks like the solution to my dilemma. I was currently using a competitor whose features I like a lot but it wasn’t exactly everything I was looking for. Also, I felt it was slightly unsightly. The other lock is bulkier on the backside of the door which really didn’t fit with the overall look of the room. That’s where the Kevo Convert came in. Even the appearance of the box it looks simple and elegant. It’s small and will look great on almost any door. It looks like most standard locks, just a little bit bigger, but not bulky.

Kwikset Kevo Convert

Installation was simple. Unlike some of its competitors, the Convert is made by an actual lock manufacturer, Kwikset. It’s designed to do exactly what the name implies. It converts your existing deadbolt into a smart lock. Since I already have a Kwikset, the installation was very simple with the included hardware. The Convert is pretty much universal and includes different mounting hardware for multiple manufacturers. Even though I didn’t need them I still went through them and the interactive installation manual in the Kevo app and found the other installs to be easy and straight forward.

I did have an issue registering my phone as an Ekey. After several resets, which I had to look up on the website, the registering process went smoothly. You can opt to remove a security screw on the front plate so that you will have easy access to the rest button which is handy. Registering other users was quite simple as well with little to no difference between Apple and Android phones.

Kwikset Kevo Convert

Use of the Convert was my only disconnect. It operates on Bluetooth only which gives it a very short range compared to some competitors. I was used to WiFi access which extended the range quite a bit. With the dual authentication, you do get a higher sense of security, but this adds another step to the process and the point of a smart lock is to make life simpler.

The Convert will auto lock the deadbolt for you which is a nice touch for the forgetful people like me. The real hang-up for me is the fact that it doesn’t auto unlock when you are in a certain radius. I have gotten used to this feature from a competitor and once you don’t have to worry about getting your phone or keys out, you just pull up to your house and your door is unlocking for you already.

Kwikset Kevo Convert Kwikset Kevo Convert Kwikset Kevo Convert

The Kevo Convert is a very beautiful lock conversion with a definite lack of the features that I want and need. If the next generation comes out with these features then I will go with it and ever look back.

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