Easy to use and light to carry makes for a permanent accessory in my camera bag

When you think of gear you use daily the first thing you think about is cameras and lenses. One piece of gear I keep in my camera bag is the KUVRD lens hood. It’s a foldable rubber lens hood that can fit on different size lenses and allows you to have a very adjustable hood when needed. I find it best for putting it up against glass to reduce reflection and glare so I can get crisp photos through glass day or night.


The Universal Lens Hood is available in two sizes – S54 and M72. The concept behind these lens hoods is to provide photo enhancement and lens protection at the same time. By providing two sizes, the hoods are the world’s first-ever all-fitting, multi-functional lens hood. They will work with nearly any size lens with any focal length. The Universal Lens Hood will also work with any size circular filter, too. With one hand, users can collapse the lens hood for storing virtually anywhere. Even while it’s attached to the lens, the lens hood can be folded down in order to prevent vignetting or dark spots from appearing in the corners of your frame. The lens hood is made from rubber or silicone (the website is non-specific about the materials used to make the hood) and so it is pliable. Once the hood is on the lens, it will not fall off. The hood is protected by KUVRD’s Lint Resistant Coating and insured with their Lifetime Replacement Warranty. The lens hood makes it possible to remove any glare or reflection from any shot. The Small version of the lens hood is designed to fit smaller camera lenses (54mm-76mm) while the Medium size is designed for larger lenses (72mm-122mm) that are typically used with DSLRs. 


  • Fits 99% of Lenses (Universal).
  • Foldable and stows anywhere (Packable).
  • Faster and easier to put on than normal lens hoods (Efficient).
  • Never falls off = Never lose it (Secure).
  • Works with & holds any circular filter (Multi-Functional).
  • No Dark Spots / Vignetting in corners of the frame. (Time Saver).*
  • Removes glare & reflections when shooting through glass (Enhancer).
  • 24/7/365 Access to adjustment dials and switches on your lens, no matter how you install it (Complete Control).
  • Protects against the elements (Added Defense).


The Universal Lens Hood comes in a simple plastic bag with the appropriate label on it. I had the opportunity to try both sizes out but actually had more use from the larger version. The lens hood is very flexible and easy to stow away in a camera bag. I typically carry it with me no matter what simply because I never know what I might encounter when I’m out and about. And, since the lens hood is so lightweight and compact, it’s not a hassle to pack around. 

To use the hood, you slip it over your lens. While that seems simple enough, the lens hood creates a tight seal around the lens and so you have to stretch it quite a bit to get it around your lens. I wouldn’t say it was ‘hard,’ but it can be a little frustrating when your fingers get snapped between the hood and the lens. 


The main reason I wanted to add the lens hood to my kit was so that I could take glare-free photos through glass. I did have a couple of different opportunities to test out the lens hood in this manner. The first was at a nature preserve. There is an observation room where guests can sit and watch the various local wildlife pass through the area. For the most part, it ends up being birds, but I was lucky enough to capture a couple of squirrels, too. The lens hood did its job and I was able to get photos through the glass. The only issue I really had was that the dirt and scratches on the glass prevented me from getting a truly spectacular shot. On another occasion, I was visiting our local zoo and got a close-up shot of a green tree snake. This was a different experience than the nature preserve because the glass was in much better shape and thanks to the lens hood, I didn’t have any glare to worry about. The snake was a good photo subject and I ended up with a great photo from that outing. 

Example of a photo captured using the Universal Lens Hood against glass


The Universal Lens Hood is a great add-on to any camera bag or kit. It’s affordable and because it’s so flexible, it can fit nearly anywhere. I would recommend this to any photographer because it’s a good enhancement tool.  

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