Affordable true wireless headphones.

I personally feel that one of the coolest innovations in the past 5 years has been the continued development of Bluetooth as a technology and the accessories that work with it. I remember being a child on a cross-country road trip and constantly fighting with the cord from my headphones to my Walkman. It was infuriating and to tell you the truth, it still aggravates me when I have to fool around with wired headphones. Don’t get me wrong — wired headphones have their place, but I much prefer wireless options. One of my daily driver sets of headphones are the Apple AirPods. They fit my ears well and produce a great sound. I have tried many different styles, sizes, and types of wireless earbuds and none have come close to being as good of a wireless listening companion as the Apple AirPods. Therefore, the AirPods are my basis for comparison when it comes to wireless earbuds. I said all that because I’ve been working with the brand new KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones for the past several days and I’m excited to share my opinion with you.

KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones REVIEW


I should start this detail section by stating that KuaiFit is a personal training coach program that you can use through your Android or iOS mobile devices. It is a subscription-based program that starts at $0.99 per month. KuaiFit developed the K True Wireless Headphones as a companion to their training system, which I think is a great benefit for users. They already offer another type of headphone, but these are the first ‘true wireless’ headphones that KuaiFit has developed. As a way to help promote and fund the project, KuaiFit opened a Kickstarter funding session on September 25, 2018. To date, they have already exceeded their goal of $6,515. Backers on Kickstarter can pledge to pay approximately $20 USD and receive the starter kit that includes the K Headphones and unlimited training for 6 months. The MSRP of the package is $59 USD.

The headphones are small and designed to be sweat proof for workouts. Along with the headphones, you will get access to KuaiFit’s coaching system. The headphones are truly wireless only needing cables to recharge. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices and have companion apps for both platforms. Each earbud is equipped with a single button for control of music, phone calls, and training sessions. These headphones are designed for sports including running, cycling, gym workouts, and more. The K Headphones have an HD microphone integrated for phone calls and provide great bass and sound quality for the user. The headphones are IPX5 certified for protection from water (can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray). CVC6 technology is included for noise canceling and the battery should provide 3-6 hours of play time. One of the unique benefits of these headphones is that you can use them as a single earbud or paired together.

KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones REVIEW


  • Bluetooth 4.1 with 10m range
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB
  • Frequency: 20 KHz
  • Distortion: <5%
  • Input Power: 3mW
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.1cm
  • Weight: 4.1 grams each


The KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones come in a simple, no-nonsense package. It’s lightweight plastic that you can see through, which means you get a clear view of the product inside. The front of the box has the following information printed on it: Kuaifit Wireless Earphones – Includes 3 months of unlimited training plans. Now, as I began working with these headphones and drafting this review, I found some conflicting information. The name of the headphones is one thing. The box clearly states “KuaiFit Wireless Earphones” while the Kickstarter page calls them out as “K Sport Headphones With In-Ear Personal Trainer”. I’ve also heard them referred to as the “K Headphones” and “K True Wireless Headphones.” One suggestion I would make right off the bat is to formalize the naming of the product a little better so that there is no confusion for the user. If they are searching for “K True Wireless Headphones” and can’t find that product on the shelf because it’s named “KuaiFit Wireless Headphones” they might purchase a different product. The second thing that seems have conflicting information is the amount of time the user gets with unlimited training plans. The front of the box indicates 3 months, while the Kickstarter page states 6 months. This might be a benefit of being an early adopter but again, I would suggest making this messaging consistent across the branding.

KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones REVIEW

The back of the box gives a pretty nice summary of the headphones, what’s included in the package (headphones, ear tips, and Micro USB charging cable), and what to expect from the use of the headphones. Inside the box, you will find a plastic tray that is formed to fit the headphones and a storage compartment behind it for the ear tips, cable, and a small single sheet user manual. The ‘manual’ includes s QR code for the mobile app. I like that more and more companies seem to be including this as an option because it makes it easy to find the app.

The manual outlines how to get the earbuds connected to each other and your phone. Because you can use the earbuds independently of each other, they are designed to pair together automatically when they are both powered on and connected through Bluetooth in your phone’s device menu. You press/hold the K button the side of each earbud for 3 seconds until it flashes blue/red. Once both earbuds are on and flashing you select the device in your Bluetooth menu. For me, the device description reads “KUAIFIT-TWS”.

KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones REVIEW

After I had the earbuds connected, I was off to the races. I immediately started listening to music on them while I wrote some reviews. With earbuds, I tend to look a comfort as a big percentage of the overall ‘score’ for the review. I must say that after wearing them for an hour, I really didn’t feel any fatigue or ear pain. This is unusual for me because earbuds usually cause an awful suction issue for me and I immediately want to remove them. The K headphones arrive with the medium-sized ear tip installed. I tried them out that way and my ears kept pushing the earbuds out. This told me that the ear tips were not the right size for me. So, I swapped out for the smaller size and they stayed put for me.

The sound quality of the KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones was definitely above average. I could hear music and spoken word (from videos) clearly. When it came to the training app, I found that the voice guided commands could be heard over my music that was being played in the background. I enjoy the fact that the system allows you to choose your own music choice because there are a lot of systems out there that require you to play music through the app itself. I prefer to have a pre-programmed playlist for workouts. So, I appreciate the design of the app and how it allows for that. Using the app along with the headphones is pretty easy. You sign-up (free) to use the app and then select the workout plan you want to use. I’ve included some screenshots of the app, but want to focus on the earbuds for this review so I’m not going into the app features/functions too much.

KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones REVIEW

For me, the sound quality is good. It’s not awesome because I’ve lost some bass depth. I usually do because of how earbuds fit inside my ears. I do feel like I have a good ‘fit’ because the earbuds aren’t falling out but I also think that maybe I don’t have the ‘best’ fit because they don’t form a complete seal inside the ear which is typically what provides the stronger bass for earbuds. If I physically push the earbuds into my ears a bit, I will start to hear some of that bass come back, but the earbuds don’t stay in the position for me.

KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones REVIEW


I think the KuaiFit K Sport Wireless Headphones are a nice investment if you are using the Kuaifit coaching system and don’t already have a set of wireless earbuds for training. Wireless earbuds can be quite pricey and Kuaifit has created a very nice set of headphones at an affordable price. It does appear that any set of headphones will work with their system since it’s just a Bluetooth connection, but the fact that a purchase of headphones includes some paid training time is a nice perk.

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