Kristall Liquid Screen Protector is the answer to all your screen-scratching woes.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector ReviewIt’s CES 2016, Las Vegas Nevada. We all know that our smart tech is getting smarter and often more expensive as well. Sensors, gadgets, beautiful devices and fragile screens. I am paranoid that I am going to scratch my phone screen and or my watch screen. This past Christmas, I was gifted an Apple Watch 42″ in space grey color. I have had it nestled gently inside of a Joto bezel cover and I installed a piece of glass screen protector/cover. There is a problem, however. As we all are aware, it is nearly impossible to apply a screen protector without bubbles, dust or some debris being present on the screen. Do not expect perfection, as this is nearly impossible to do outside of a clean room. I did a good job installing glass onto my Apple Watch, and I thought I was ready. However, sometime during CES 2016 Press Day (1/5/16), my Apple Watch 42 inch screen glass protector was chipped at the top and fell off. Luckily, there was no damage to my screen. The worse news, CES lasts until 1/9/16. I needed an option for protection of my Apple Watch.

As I was walking through Pepcom 2016 CES, I noticed a vendor with a new technology Kristall. This is a liquid screen protector, boasting the protection of 9H hardness (Saphire), which appears to be standard for screen protection. Feeling serendipitous, I wandered over to discuss this product with the team. This is a product brought to you by Xentris Wireless, an American company. Look at the back of many accessories from Verizon and you may find Xentris Wireless. They are a strong brand, a trusted brand and have been around for a long time.

Initial Impression:
Initially I was concerned that this would not do what it promised. I need something to protect my screen, eliminate/reduce scratches and look amazing. Previously, I have used glass products and I have broken #2, while at CES. In fact, I had to find an electronics shop, in Vegas, to apply the second glass due to breaking the first glass. The employee tried 3 different glass and could not get them to stick, could not eliminate the air bubbles. Finally on the third try he said he gave up and let me have the glass on the watch as is without charge. It had some weird square shaped ring that was not pleasing. The edges did not adhere well and this was not satisfactory. I thanked the gentleman and hoped it would do until I could find better options.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector Review Enter KRISTALL. This is a product currently sold by an American company, with Xentress Wireless as the distributor. The liquid fills in pores in the glass and creates a coating over the device screen. The device retails for $29.99 (phones/tablet) and $34.99 for larger tablets, chromebooks and PC. It has previously sold in Canada through and and other Xentris distributors. It is now available through I was told at CES that one size fits all and that was the beauty of this product, suitable for all sizes of electronic devices. Thus, you would not have to worry about brand, correct size for your device/screen size. Evaluation of the above listed website shows 2 options. Some of the larger devices may need more liquid and thus you can buy a larger package.

The packaging has a simple elegance, glossy and eye catching. It is professionally packaged, instructions are written in proper English, showing attention to detail. There are 2 other languages provided as well, but I cannot comment on them as those are languages I cannot read. The device promises 9H Hardness (Diamond is 10H), no bubbling, water repellant, no smudging and scratch resistant. The best news of all, you can do this yourself. No more guides, no more going to Best Buy or another electronics shop to have someone else install the device. Yes, I too was skeptical at first. The vendor first showed me his phone, sans any visible screen protection. The screen was immaculate, not a scratch to be seen. Then he took a metal pen, tip out and ice pick stabbed it in 10 quick successive stabs. I will be honest, panic set in. My brain shouted NOOOOOOOOO. He was done and I felt relief, until he picked up scissors and dragged them across the phone. My emotions were like a yo yo. Again, the brain shouted NOOOOOOOOO. He looked at me, smiled, took a screen microfiber cloth and gently wiped his screen without a care in the world. The screen remained immaculate: not a scratch, not a dent, not a blemish. What?

I relayed my Apple Watch CES Screen Protector woes to the vendor and he asked me if I wanted to have my screen protected. To which I replied, yes please. He pulled open the pull tab on the bottom of the packaging. Inside of the packaging is a blue piece of cardboard with another small cardboard enclosure with white KRISTALL packaging. Instructions again are listed on the blue packaging. For your convenience, I will list them here. Start by using the enclosed alcohol wipe to clean the device. Dry the device with microfiber cloth. Apply the pre-treated KRISTALL swab in circular motion over the entire screen. Wait 2 minutes then polish the screen with microfiber cloth. Sixty seconds later, it is ready. The protector fully cures in 48 hours. That’s it! There is no laying a piece of glass, using sticky guides to line this up, weird angles, difficulty installing a screen protector, no more lint/dust/finger prints under the glass. Whats best, the device retains its beautiful luster.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector Review

While talking with the vendors at the booth, my KRISTALL screen protector was installed. It literally took 2 minutes, and he handed my device back to me and said enjoy. Impressed with his generosity, his presentation and with the luster of my device, I put it back onto my left wrist. I am not yet confident enough to mount an offensive attack onto my device, with scissors/pens etc. However, it is now Friday 1/8/16 and I have now been at CES in Las Vegas since 1/3/16. I have been using the KRISTALL liquid screen protector since 1/5/16. What better test than to have no other screen protection on my watch, while in the midst of the hustle and bustle of CES 2016. I have enjoyed piece of mind, my watch has been hit by bags, on edges of counters on countless objects as we wander through the show floors. I have inspected the watch and not a scratch. I am pleased with the KRISTALL. At this point, it is the only screen protection for me.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector Review

My screen is beautiful, has a different yet pleasant feel. There may be some mild increased friction on the screen, for about a day, but this is no longer noticeable at this point. The watch is as responsive as it was when I pulled it out of the box. This is markedly better than when I had the glass screen protector on the device. I am happy with this product, I enjoy not seeing the screen protector on the device. IF you have used glass products on your watch, you know what I am talking about, that square outline that is quite obtrusive. There are less smudges, no bubbles and is really easy to clean with a microfiber cloth. I will now be using this on all of my iDevices to include IPhone 6S plus and iPad Air 2. Watch for this product to be available further on Current rating is 5/5, this is superior to glass products. You can consider a reapplication in 1 year. There is no benefit to multiple applications in the same year.

Kristall Liquid Screen Protector Review Kristall Liquid Screen Protector Review

This is not crack resistant, like glass. Do not hit this with a hammer, like many of the glass demonstrations at CES.  Even the website states that it does not protect from breaking or splintering.  I am more concerned with scratching he screen and use a bezel protector to deflect objects. I personally do not like the square glass lying on my screen.  There is a good FAQ section on the site listed below.

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