Declutter your desk with a classy Headphones Holder from König & Meyer

The König and Meyer Kopfhörerhalter Headphone holder arrived in a 4 1/4 inches wide by 3 3/8 inches tall by four inches thick retail box.  The main and back panels provided the K&M (Stands For Music) name/logo along the top of the panel, the Kopfhörerhalter name to the left, a Made In Germany logo/5-year warranty along the bottom left, and an attractive image of the headphone holder toward the bottom right.  I liked the patchwork green triangles along the top left corner and the fade to white color scheme toward the bottom right of the front/back panels. The right side panel showed an image of the headphone holder along the bottom right and a septalingual presentation of “Headphone holder” toward the top left.  Along the lower left of the panel, you will find the product SKU barcode.  The left side panel provided the K&M name/logo along the top left and listed four product features (Stable headphone holder to be mounted on a table, Large, rubber-coated holder protects headphones from damage and holds them securely, Support width 100mm/3.937”, Support depth 72mm/2.834”) in four languages (German, English, French, Spanish). 

I gripped the attractive green top panel (with white K&M logo), lifted the inner flaps, and removed the 5.5-ounce Kopfhörerhalter Headphone holder from the box.  The metallic matte black-colored device measured 3 1/8 inches tall by 3 15/16 inches wide by 4 1/8 inches thick.  I was pleased with the plastic/rubber coated lower surface and that the surface did not attract lint or fingerprints.  The metallic under desk bracket measured 2 5/16 inches wide by 15/16 inches thick and inserted into the back of the semi-circular headphone holder.  The top of the bracket had two small oval-shaped 5/16 inches wide by 3/16 inches thick screw cutouts designed to accommodate the included 7/8 inches long by 1/8 inches thick screws.  Along the front face of the semicircular headphone stand, you will find a 9/16 inches wide cutout with included K&M acrylic insert.  

I remover the bilingual instruction manual from the box and reviewed the four sections. The first section detailed the components (steel bracket, rubber-coated plastic support arm, two 5x20mm wood screws).  The second section described the five-step mounting procedure: 1. Position and Mark Bracket using a pencil. 2/3. Center-punch with a metal point for particleboard/softwoods or pre-drill (3mm hole) for hardwoods. 4. Place the bracket/screws. 5. Secure the screws into the wood. The third section described the method to place your headphones upon the cradle section.  To use the headphone holder, drape the headband over the plastic section and loop any cables around the holder.    The fourth section reviewed the dimensions of the black powder-coated steel bracket (100x81x106mm), galvanized steel screws, plastic PE support (100x72mm).   Lastly, you will find a few safety notes and maintenance/cleaning suggestions.  The instruction manual was well arranged and provided a good deal of verbiage and pictorial content.  I liked that you could follow the step-by-step instructions or the pictures.  The setup seemed quite straightforward, if you can use the included screws. 

Even though I wanted to add a headphone holder to my desk computer, I was not permitted to drill into the desk surface.  Thus, I turned to Command Strips to affix the headphone holder to my desk. I tried to use a full-sized velcro style Command Strip and found that the strip securely stuck to the desk and the metallic bracket.  However, the thickness of the velcro caused the device to sag slightly.  I removed the velcro and used one of the heavier duty Command Strip Tape and found no issues with the mounting process.  The Command Strip securely attached the metallic bracket to the underside of my wooden desk.  I draped my Tribit over-ear earphones across the plastic support and was quite pleased with the design.

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