Blood pressure monitor is health technology that is very affordable and keeps data.

The best thing as an individual is to own your health management, understand it, and work towards achieving wellness.  Koogeek is a brand that has caught my eye in the health and wellness area.  They make very affordable devices for health monitoring and have a related app that stores the data.  The Koogeek blood pressure and heart rate cuff make is very easy to get the data fast and be able to compare your past readings.

Koogeek Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Cuff REVIEW

The device comes in a small box with an instruction manual.  It does take two AAA batteries that are not included.  Other than putting the batteries in your good to go and start using it.  I would recommend setting up the Koogeek app now.  The app will store 99 sets of data to your iPhone or Android device.  I have the iPhone 7 Plus with no issues with the set-up. It also allows set up for up to 16 users to track their records as well.

Koogeek Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Cuff REVIEW

To use the device you place the cuff around your wrist with the screen on the inside of the wrist.  You hold your arm up above the heat and push the button to read.  The cuff inflates and deflates then reads you your BP and HR.  One great thing is, it can detect irregular heart rhythms and will notify you.  It also has an alarm clock feature that can help with reminding to take meds that require you to be monitoring the BP as well.

Koogeek Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Cuff REVIEW

I tested this against a manual blood pressure and the results are very accurate.  There was maybe 1-2 numbers off but rarely.  So I feel this product will be extremely reliable.  I like the fact it reads the results out loud but I did turn the sound down a little bit.  I think a case would have been a nice addition for storage but its a pretty durable item and I think it will last even if you just tossed it into a bag.

Overall I really enjoy and recommend this to anyone who wants to keep an eye on blood pressure and heart rate related issues.

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