Smart Plug holds its own against competitors.

There are a lot of smart plugs on the market these days and the market is starting to saturate for Apple Home Kit comparable devices. On the MacSources test bench, today is a smart plug offering from Koogeek.

The first thing I noticed about this plug is its sleek design. While this is not a necessary attribute for a functional smart plug, some users may appreciate this if the plug will be in a visible area. The plug is white and curvy, with a recessed power button on top. The only other markings are the Koogeek branding on the front of the plug.

Koogeek Smart Plug REVIEW

This smart plug is current in beta, so the app and associated HomeKit functionality are not yet available in the app store. MacSources was provided a beta tester link in other to install the Koogeek Home app and test the device.

Even in beta mode, the install was pretty easy. Just download the app, provide access to your HomeKit data and add the device manually or by scanning the HomeKit code in the product documentation.

Koogeek Smart Plug REVIEW

What I really liked about this smart plug compared to others that I have tested, is the clean and intuitive interface of the companion app. You get a simple list of all of your devices, with an on /off switch. If you enter the setting are of a specific plug, you get a virtual representation of a physical looking on / off switch as well as timer settings, current power consumption and a graph showing power usage over time.

In my tests, the plug performed as expected; turning a light on and off. It was very responsive and I did not observe any delays which can sometimes happen with connected devices. The timer function also worked well and was easy to setup.

Koogeek Smart Plug REVIEW

All in all, the smart plug by Koogeek is a solid product that holds it’s own in a sea of competitors. The stand out feature for me is the slick interface and ease of operation.

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