Koogeek Smart Thermometer is a very fast and efficient way to check temperature.

When it comes to health management, technology innovation is making it fast and simple to take things into your own hands.  The best way to determine if you need care and assist your provider with information to give you the best care is a detailed and accurate assessment of signs and symptoms.  With the Koogeek Smart Thermometer, you have a temperature record that can be stored in a phone application with just one click and in one second.

The first thing I wanted to do was download the application Koogeek in the Apple App Store, onto my iPhone 7 Plus.  This application is very user-friendly and I was able to easily set  up the new device so my temps taken will be synced to it.  The device itself is also very user-friendly and a quick look at the instructions was all it took to be able to use all of the functions.  The device comes with a battery pre-installed so if you hold the power button it will come right on.  This button also controls viewing celsius or Fahrenheit temperature.

Koogeek Smart Infrared Ear and Forehead Bluetooth Thermometer REVIEW

The thermometer has a very nice cap on it for when it’s not in use.  There are only two main buttons, a display, and two indicator lights for use on the forehead or in-ear use.  There are instructions included that explain how to properly take a temperature.  I have tried this out multiple times on both mine and my son’s ear and we had no signs of a fever and both our temps were in normal range and turning off the device and coming back to it later the temps barely changed.  That’s a good indicator of its accuracy because it’s reading the temp levels that we should be.  Also, it was within .2 of another thermometer that I own.

Koogeek Smart Infrared Ear and Forehead Bluetooth Thermometer REVIEW

The Koogeek thermometer itself has the ability to store the last thirty temperatures taken and by switching the function to memory I was able to read them on the device.  That in itself is a great perk if you don’t have the phone on you but you just have the thermometer you can still get a record of past temperature taken.

Overall I’m most impressed by the speed and accuracy of this product.  This would be a great product to have if you’re a parent.  This just makes it a lot easier and my sons more compliant waiting one second for me to get it as opposed to taking a minute.

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