Smart Socket is a less expensive option for smart lighting.

I would love to have a complete smart house. I just do not have the budget. Try as I might, my millions just seem to elude me. Due to this, I have to find cost effective ways to incorporate any smart device into my home. I have a lot of the basics for a smart home like a thermostat, video door bell, cameras, and several other devices. I enjoy my smart lights and they enjoy my wallet, too. I have several different devices ranging from standard bulbs to the fancy color changing bulbs with virtually limitless colors. That’s all fine and dandy in a few rooms. In most, I just need a simple white bulb. The problem is that smart bulbs are just not affordable to replace the 20 different bulbs through out my home. I have been looking for a simple solution to this first world problem of mine for a while now. It just has to be simple to use and install, work with my Apple products (preferably HomeKit compatible), and not cost me an arm and a leg up front.

Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket REVIEW

After some time I decided to give Koogeek’s Smart Socket a try. While it wasn’t quite the solution I initially went looking for, it was worth a shot. With a Smart Socket, I could turn any bulb into a smarter bulb. While I could do this with actual smart bulbs, I can effectively turn every bulb into my house into one at a fraction of the cost.

Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket REVIEW

Installation and set up is simple and straight forward. If you can screw a light bulb in then you can definitely install the Smart Socket. Next, I downloaded the Koogeek Home app free from the App Store. After setting up an account I just followed the instructions in the app and the booklet included.

Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket REVIEW

Once the Smart Socket was all set up it was time to have fun. After roughly 20 minutes of having Siri turn the light on and off, I was told to quit. Then I set up timers to turn the light on and off at specific times (note to self, 3 am is not the appropriate time to turn the lights on). You can see the energy consumed and current power for the app as well.

Koogeek SK1 Smart Socket REVIEW

While the Smart Socket screws into any basic light Socket, you can’t just put it anywhere. It’s designed for lamps with a little extra clearance. It adds a few inches to the overall length of the bulb. I did try it in a tall standing light but it protruded just a little too far. I decided to use it as intended, in my office lamp. I just needed standard light in there and set a timer for the light to come on when I’m generally not home, making it a security feature. The Smart Socket solved one of my lighting issues, but not quite all of them, although it’s a cheaper solution for some of my lights.

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