Kiwi revolutionizes Gmail by transforming the functionality of Gmail and its coordinating apps.

For many years I’ve struggled to find a desktop app the works the way I want it to with Gmail. I really like the interface that is available online, but don’t like all the switching back and forth from email to the G-Suite Apps. Because I’ve not been able to find a suitable option for my needs, I have simply given up and not really been using my Gmail account. Daily interaction with my dormant email address really hasn’t been a necessity for a while, but when my stepdaughter started needing help with homework and all of her assignments are distributed through Google Classroom, I suddenly had the need to access Gmail and the G-Suite apps regularly. Fortunately, Kiwi for Gmail is now available.

Kiwi for Gmail Mac App REVIEW

Kiwi for Gmail is an intuitive, well-designed Mac app that brings Gmail to your desktop seamlessly. One of the features that makes Kiwi so appealing is that it doesn’t just afford you access to your inbox, but you have a direct connection to your G-Suite products, too. The left hand column of the window includes icons to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, which allow to not only access projects you’ve already done, but you can also create brand new documents. Since my primary reason for using Gmail right now is to help my stepdaughter keep track of her homework, having access to all the G-Suite products is a HUGE help because it’s all in one place. I do wish that Google Classroom was attached as well, but can live without it since her teachers email her when assignments are uploaded.

No one wants to use Gmail in the browser on a phone. But that’s our only choice on the desktop. Until now.

Kiwi for Gmail Mac App REVIEW

The phrase above was captured directly from Kiwi’s website because it’s true. Until I started using Kiwi for Gmail, I didn’t have any other good options for managing my Google-based email. The app is very in depth and according to its description in the App Store, more is coming. You have the option to connect up to 6 Gmail accounts simultaneously. I currently have two connected and switching back and forth is very easy. I thought that maybe they would appear as tabs, but instead, Kiwi illustrates the accounts in the upper right-hand corner as envelopes. There is a shortcut to switch back and forth, but I opted to simply click on the icons.

Kiwi for Gmail Mac App REVIEW

You have the ability to open documents in their own windows so that you have quick and easy access to your email and projects. Kiwi provides offline access to G-Suite apps, too. Kiwi offers full support of the Boomerang plugin, which allows you to schedule emails. Since Gmail is directly linked to Google Drive within Kiwi you have the ability to send large attachments and it’s easier than Dropbox.

Kiwi for Gmail Mac App REVIEW

Installation is very easy. It’s available within the Mac App Store so as soon as you click download, the app will automatically install. Adding Google accounts is as simple as just logging in. Once you log in, you will see a familiar window that holds the traditional Gmail inbox within it. Once your accounts are added, you can use Gmail as you normally would. The beauty of this app is that if you are accustomed to using Gmail, then you will be able to use Kiwi.

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