Kisha Bluetooth Umbrella provide protection and technology in one package.

Umbrellas can be wonderful tools to fight the elements. They can keep us dry, protect us from the sun, and keep the wind out of our face. Unfortunately, most umbrellas don’t provide quite enough strength against severe elements to really protect anyone. More often than not, the wind whips across an umbrella so severely that it flips it inside out. The other big problem that a lot of people have, myself included, is leaving the nifty utility tool behind when you most need it. Because it’s not something you carry on an everyday basis, say, like, your phone, you don’t immediately notice when your umbrella is missing from your side. This is where Kisha comes in.

Kisha Bluetooth Umbrella Review

Kisha is a revolutionary option to the traditional umbrella. The first problem that Kisha solves is the ‘leave behind syndrome’ that a lot of people experience. Kisha contains a small Bluetooth transmitter inside it’s velcro closure. This connection allows the umbrella to talk to your phone through the Kisha mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.  Connecting Kisha was quite easy. Since it’s a Bluetooth connection, you simply connect through the app and then set-up you profile. The app does all the heavy lifting for you.

Kisha Bluetooth Umbrella Review

Because of its enhanced technology, Kisha does have an elevated price-point. And, you might ask yourself, why you would want to spend quite so much on an umbrella. In addition to its integrated Bluetooth/tracking system, Kisha also provides you with a superior umbrella. It has reinforced ribbing that makes the umbrella windproof. I actually had the opportunity to test that out. I live in the Midwest of the U.S. and this time of year, the weather is volatile and shifts at the blink of an eye. This past week, we had both snow and thunderstorms. And, in between, we also had a day with wind advisories. The wind gusts were clocked upwards of 40 MPH. I took Kisha out in it and it didn’t once falter against the powerful wind gusts.

Kisha Bluetooth Umbrella Review Kisha Bluetooth Umbrella Review

Yet, another problem I consistently have with umbrellas is knowing when to take them. The Kisha app will tell you when you need to take it by showing you a localized weather report on its home screen. One of the major benefits of the Kisha system is its push notifications. They are pushed from the app and will send you information about the location of the umbrella and the weather report.

Kisha Bluetooth Umbrella ReviewAs is the case with most GPS locators, you have the option to set ‘safe’ locations, or places where the search for your item is a little more liberal. For example, I have my work and home set as safe locations. As long as Kisha is located inside that location, I won’t be notified when I get too far away from it. One small flaw to this feature is that one of the places I leave my umbrella the most is at my office. But, I want to leave it as a ‘safe’ because I found that if I don’t, I am alerted when I move from my office to our conference room, which is only about 30 feet away.

Kisha may not be for everyone, but I can see it be particularly useful in locations where there is a lot of precipitation throughout the year.

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