Kinsa Smart Thermometer makes tracking healthcare simple.

Kinsa1Remember the days when a Thermometer was hard to read? I do. The thermometer I had growing up was an old mercury-filled thermometer that had to be shaken in order to make sure it was ready to take a temperature. I could not wait to get a digital thermometer so I could actually read it. Fortunately, we live in the world of digital health solutions and now, there is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a digital thermometer that works with your smartphone. Kinsa Health, the company behind the thermometer, successfully completed a $50,000 campaign in 2013 to jump start the mainstream availability of the Kinsa.

Kinsa1 (copy)Like normal thermometers, Kinsa can be used orally or rectally, but unlike a traditional thermometer the Kinsa uses the power and processor of the smartphone to determine precise temperature readings. It plugs into a mobile device via the headphone jack. It’s designed to be compact, thin and very flexible.

Kinsa1 (copy 2)The best part of the Kinsa, in my opinion, is that it helps to keep track of your family’s health through its app. Kinsa has done a wonderful job of creating an elegant way of not only making a Thermometer easier to use, but also by creating an iOS app that is almost like a social network for healthcare. Kinsa’s app not only keeps track of a person’s temperature, but it also prompts the user to enter additional data about other symptoms being felt. For example, if you are feeling feverish and take your temperature, the Kinsa app will let you know when it’s done with the reading. Then, it will ask how you are feeling and prompt you to describe your symptoms based on the images provided. Even if you don’t have a fever, it’s good to go ahead and record as much information as possible into the notes so that you can review it with your physician if needed.

Kinsa2 (copy 2)The Kinsa mobile app also allows you to:

  • Create individual profiles for each member of a family – up to 10 individuals
  • Make temperature-taking fun for kids through interactive screens
  • Report the progression of illnesses to physicians
  • Keep track of medication dosages and timing through the notes field
  • Document any physical symptoms with photos

Kinsa3I first saw Kinsa a year ago and could not wait to get my hands on it. I’ve been very excited about the way the market has changed and how smart-products have become easier to use and more sought after. Another unique feature of the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is the ability to see the health around you. With this feature, you can join a private group to see what’s going around in your child’s school or neighborhood. It’s a feature that’s not quite available yet, but one that will help to curb the spread of illness once it is live. In fact, Kinsa Health recently launched a program called Fluency™. The program is currently being offered at a small cross-section of public and private elementary school across the country. Kinsa is offering the smart thermometer at no charge to school interested in participating in Fluency™. By participating in this program, parents of students will be able to see aggregated stats about the health of their child’s school. The school will in turn benefit from early detection and increased awareness of illness spreading throughout the student body, which will lead to fewer sick days.

“Sick days are disruptive to learning, challenging for parents who must find childcare, and costly to schools that are already struggling with strapped resources,” explains Kinsa founder and CEO Inder Singh. “We are thrilled to be able to offer select schools a tool to help keep more children healthy and in class.” This is a valuable part of what Kinsa can do for schools and communities as a whole.

Kinsa2 (copy)One thing to note, if you own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you will need to request spacers from Kinsa in order to get a solid connection due to the newer design of the headphone jack. Kinsa offers spacers for free and you can send a request for them here – We have had very good success with our connections until the night we were writing this review. We found that we had to wiggle the Kinsa around so that it would be registered by the app. We don’t believe this is the fault of the hardware itself, but rather an issue due to the spacer.

I have been extremely happy with the Kinsa Smart Thermometer. It’s worked flawlessly, with the one exception described above, and I have the added benefit of being able to keep my records on my phone.

Kinsa is being sold through Amazon, CVS and the Apple Store with an MSRP of $29.99. It was also recently featured in the Apple commercial, “Parenthood.”

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