Kid Aviator brings a fun, unique game to iOS.

Lately, I’ve been impressed with the build quality of the games that are available for iOS. From turn-based word games to action-packed first-person thriller games, there is a game for everyone out there. With games like, Kid Aviator, gamers can even take flight.

KidAviator-1Kid Aviator’s main character, Kid, is a daring aviator willing to take risks for his fans. In order to boost attendance at his circus home, Kid must become famous by breaking high-altitude records. Unfortunately, Kid has a lot of obstacles ahead of him. He must avoid debris and other hazards – such as ducks, cows, chainsaws and even pinatas – to make it to the next height in aviation.

“Kids and kids at heart love the idea of flying. We dream and fantasize about it, but most of us never get a chance to fly in real life,” said Kid Aviator developer, Mattia Fortunati. “Kid Aviator allows us to take flight from a cannon and explore the world above. Sometimes surreal, usually frantic, Kid Aviator makes the dream tangible for a few minutes at a time. We hope you enjoy playing it as much we enjoyed making it.”

Some of the features of Kid Aviator include:

  • Intuitive controls: Clear Kid’s path by tapping, swiping, and dragging obstacles. Tilt your device to move Kid left or right.
  • Clear goals: Make Kid famous by flying higher and higher. High scores = more fans!
  • Rain or shine: Fly in all kinds of weather—from sunny skies to thunderstorms.
  • Power-ups galore: Nothing like a shield or “slow motion” potion to make Kid’s day brighter!
  • Metal collector: Indulge in 60 medals—from bronze to gold.
  • Realistic physics: You will believe that a young aviator fired from a circus cannon can fly!
  • Progressive difficulty: The higher you fly, the harder it gets. This may include a piñata stampede…or two.

KidAviator-2After playing through a few levels, I have to say that I’m impressed with the Kid Aviator. It’s easy to understand and fun to play. One of the things I enjoy about Kid Aviator the most is its simplicity. It does get progressively harder the higher you fly, which is a nice challenge and it’s entertaining to see what hazards come around the next corner. It’s great that it’s a quick play. When you start the game, Kid is launched from a cannon into the air. He soars higher and higher while the player swipes hazards off the screen and directs Kid into bonuses and achievements along the way. Once Kid hits a hazard, the game is over. The goal is to get as high as you possibly can before running into a hazard. The nice thing about this is that even though it’s addictive, one can put the game down easily without having to reach a ‘save point’ in the game.

Kid Aviator is available for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store and can be played in English and Italian. Kid Aviator is compatible with most iOS devices including the iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPod touch 4th gen. The game requires iOS 5 and above in order to run.

I recommend Kid Aviator to anyone who wants a fun, challenging game for their collection.


Follow Mattia Fortunati.

Follow Mattia Fortunati.

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