PowerLite launched on Kickstarter.

On December 11, 2014, a brand new product from developer, Authur Kuo, was launched on Kickstarter. That product is PowerLite. PowerLite is a perfect little all-in-one charger and lighting element that fits into your pocket. PowerLite solves two of the largest problems that mobile users have – battery life and proper lighting for digital photography. As a portable charger, PowerLite gives users up to 6 extra hours of battery life. It has an integrated cable – either Lightning or Micro USB – and comes into two different sizes for battery – PowerLite or PowerLite Slim. With the regular PowerLite, you will receive a 1600mAh battery and the PowerLite Slim has an 800mAh battery. This translates to 3 and 6 hours of talk/internet time respectively (estimated for the iPhone 5S).

PowerLiteAs for the lighting element, PowerLite produces 630 Lumens – approximately one 40W bulb – of adjustable brightness. With this additional light, you can reduce red eyes, have more balanced exposure and place the light anywhere on the photo’s subject. Essentially, PowerLite allows you more control with your lighting and therefore more detail in your pictures. PowerLite is incredibly lightweight (only 1.06 ounces) and is no wider than an iPhone 5S. It is meant to attach to the backside of your mobile device with either micro-suction tape or double-sided suction pads. Because of its size, it doesn’t increase your device’s imprint much at all.

In addition to its main features of lighting control and battery support, PowerLite also gives users a remote shutter for selfies and a phone finder function. All-in-all, PowerLite is appears to be a fantastic addition to your mobile device’s accessories.

The developer states on the Kickstarter page that the design is finalized and that they are working with manufactures in Taiwan and China, including an Apple certified MFI product manufacturer. PowerLite is seeking $60,000 AUD ($49,355 USD) from its Kickstarter funding to be allocated as 30% Parts Production Assembly, 30% Certification and 40% Tooling. As of 8:20pm (CST), PowerLite has 193 backers and has reached about 8% of its goal.

If you are interested in seeing this product make it to market, consider becoming a backer for them on Kickstarter.  You can help with as little as $5 AUD. For more information, visit kickstarter.com/powerlite or powerlite-smart.com.