Keep your gear energized with the tangle-resistant braided cable from KickPOWER.

I cannot wait for the day that there is a universal charging option. Until that time, I carry USB-A, USB-C, and USB-micro cables within my BUBM organizer. Many devices ship with woefully inadequate charging cables. Sometimes the cables suffer from poor craftsmanship but often they simply lack adequate length or tangle easily. Instead of relying upon the subpar gear, I like to utilize trusted/reliable gear. If you are looking for a well-constructed, durable, lengthy USB-A to micro charging cable to keep your gear powered, look to KickPOWER.

The KickPOWER 5ft MicroUSB Premium Cable arrived in a 2 3/4 inches wide by 6 3/4 inches tall by 1 3/16 inches thick hanging product tab.  I have reviewed several of their products lately and appreciated the theme of perseveration.  The bold black/red colored KickPOWER STRONG title was listed along the top right of the cover inside of the white trapezoidal section.  Beneath this in neon orange font, you will find “Charge & Sync USB Certified Cable Micro USB Premium Cable.”  Adjacent to the white section, you will find a thin neon orange border and a large black midsection with a glossy, slightly raised image of the 5 ft Micro-USB cable.  Along the bottom of the black-colored section, you will find the “Compatible with Android” logo and a wider orange border that wrapped to the side panel.  The right side panel had a large clear window to visualize the cable, an orange border, and repeated the “5ft Charge & Sync USB Certified Cable Micro USB Premium Cable 5 foot long cable” from the cover. The opposite side panel provided the title and email and used the white/black color scheme from the cover.  The white colored back panel provided the title along the top of the panel, an orange bordered clear window and a lower informational section: 5Ft Charge & Sync USB Cable, Charge from any USB Port, Tangle and Scuff Resistant, Stylish durable with innovative design, Use With: Samsung, HTC, LG, Google, Motorola, Kindle, and other Micro USB Compatible Devices. Lastly, you will find the contact information, product manufacturing labels, and an SKU barcode. 

I slit the tape along the bottom panel, opened the flaps, slid the clear inner tray out of the packaging, and removed the 1.3-ounce braided cable.  Adjacent to the metal plug, you will find a white/red KickPOWER Strong name and a rigid 1-inch long neck section.  Thanks to the reinforced neck design, the weak point on the cable was eliminated.  I gripped each end of the cable (USB-A and USB-Micro), bent the neck section side-to-side fifty times, and then front-to-back fifty times as well.  I gripped the metallic prong, pulled outward, and then gripped the neck/cable junction and repeated the process.  I opened up the included cable Velcro retention strap, uncoiled the cable, and found it measured 59 1/2 inches long.  Even though the cable was just a tad shy of the listed 5-foot length, I loved that the rounded design prevented tangling and tying into knots.

To further test the cable, I plugged the USB-A end into a Klein Tools ET920 multimeter, then the micro-USB plug into my Anker Powercore II 10,000 mAh portable battery.  The multimeter read 5.07V/1.08-1.14A.  I then plugged the cable into a pair of over-ear Tribit XFree Tune earphones and found the multimeter read 5.13V/0.20A.  Each of the cable prongs remained tightly affixed within the posts, and the cable never got hot.  I was pleased with the durability of the cable, the enjoyable touch-feel, the color, and the overall robust design. In addition to the features listed above, my favorite aspect was the included velcro strap. Adjust the cable to the desired length, affix the strap, and enjoy the cable management.

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