Kickflip gives the MacBook Pro a pick-me-up.

Kickflip2A problem that many laptop users experience is the angle at which the laptop sits. When it sits flat, more users experience tired fingers, hands and wrists not to mention, over heating laptops. That is an issue I deal with regularly. My MacBook Pro gets hot when it sits flat on a desktop for too long. I have solved the problem in the past by using a collapsible laptop stand that I purchased at a local dollar store. It has helped to save my laptop from over heating, but doesn’t seem to help much when it comes to use because it sticks out the front of the computer. I am very happy to announce the Kickflip by BlueLounge.

Kickflip3The Kickflip is an adhesive stand that elevates your laptop to a comfortable ergonomic angle. It is constructed as a hinge that stays flat against the bottom of your laptop until you need it. The adhesive side of the Kickflip uses a high-tech, German engineered gel adhesive. And even though it is strong enough to stay adhered through regular laptop use, it can be removed without leaving a residue and reused by simply cleaning with soap and water. Kickflip is currently available for 13” and 15” MacBook Pros, but should work on MacBook Air laptops as well.

Kickflip5As with other BlueLounge products, I am thoroughly impressed with the first impressions of the Kickflip. The packaging and presentation of it were first class. The Kickflip came in a minimalistic box with a foam insert that ensured the product was safe from free movement for shipping or other types of transport. This is a feature of products that isn’t usually talked about, but one that I truly appreciate. It means that the developers of the product care about the end user and want to make the best impression possible.

After I removed the Kickflip from its packaging, I played with it for a bit before installing it on my laptop. The product has two main sections – the adhesive side and the stand side. The adhesive side affixes to the bottom of your MacBook Pro just under the hinge (where the screen and body meet). I bent the Kickflip back and forth a few times to get a feel for how sturdy it was. One side of the hinge is spring loaded for flexibility and ease of use.

Kickflip4When I removed the adhesive covering, I carefully lined it up with the base of the hinge on the laptop as the instructions directed. Then, I firmly pressed down so that it would be secure. At first, I found that the Kickflip would detach from my laptop easily, but after making sure the bottom of my laptop was clean (I used a rubbing alcohol solution and soft cloth around the installation area), I didn’t have any other problems with the Kickflip being secure.

Because of the gentle, spring-loaded hinge, the Kickflip is very easy to put into use. In fact, because of the way it’s designed, you only have to lift up your laptop and reach under it with your fingers to flip it open. Plus weighing in at only 0.11 pounds, the Kickflip adds no weight to a laptop.

Kickflip1The Kickflip is so sleek and inconspicuous that it’s the perfect addition to your MacBook Pro. It’s there when you need it, but not in the way when you don’t.  It’s perfectly seamless with the MacBook Pro design and fully functional with just a few simple steps. I have found the Kickflip to be an excellent addition to my MacBook Pro and would recommend it to anyone looking to give your laptop a lift.

Kickflip retails for $17.95 (13”) and $19.95 (15”). For more information, visit