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Keyport Key Organizer Review 2In a time where technology allows us to speak commands to our phones in order to lock the front door, turn the heat on, or dim our lights, I’ve found myself looking for innovative ways to become even more automated. I recently looked into changing the stereo in my vehicle just so I could have Apple’s CarPlay option for an easier, faster, and better experience between my smart phone and my car. So besides phones, tablets, and computers, what other devices could I use to make my life easier? One somewhat neglected area has been the key chain.

Not too long ago, I started adding accessories like USB Flash Drives to my key chain. I found that carrying basic essentials with me was preferable to fumbling around and searching for them inside a laptop bag. The problem with this is that soon, I had a key chain that was severely overweight and it couldn’t fit in my pocket any longer. I started clipping my keys to my pants using a carabiner. This became so cumbersome that I was desperate to find another way. That’s when I found out about Keyport.

Keyport Key Organizer Review 3There have been some developments with products that allow you to consolidate your key chain into a small, pocket-friendly package, but none of the options I’ve seen can do what the Keyport does. Keyport is an everyday multi-tool and key organizer. This handy little device combines utility with style and replaces that old, bulky key chain currently hanging from your key hook. It’s tiny form allows a surprising amount of tools to be packed inside. You can have up to six keys and/or accessories that are specially designed by Keyport. Some of the options for EDC (everyday carry) tools include a USB Flash Drive, Mini-light, Pen, Bottle Opener, and more. This little device solved the dilemma I had with wanting to simplify areas of my life and made it possible for me to ditch that jingling mess of keys.

Founded in 2005, Keyport, Inc. was born with one mission in mind – to reinvent the key chain. Several years later in 2013, the company ran a very successful crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter and received $153,341 from 2,270 backers. Their initial goal was only $75,000. This really jump-started the commercial production of Keyport 2.0. The Las Vegas based company continues their vision today of, “…transforming it (the key chain) from a utilitarian necessity into an elegant, personal universal access device that complements the smart phone and integrates new technologies when appropriate.”

Keyport Key Organizer Review 6First Impressions
The first thing you will notice when you open the box is how small Keyport really is. The main body, or slide, is only about the size of a box of Tic-Tacs – perfect for sliding into your pocket. Second, you will see that there is some assembly required. Don’t let that scare you off of Keyport as all of the ‘smart’ key chains in the market require assembly by the user. Putting the Keyport together was super simple and I have to admit, I was sort of expecting it to be harder than it was. As you can see in the video below, we show you how it comes together from the un-boxing to the complete installation of keys and EDCs. When you have the Keyport completely put together, you will notice how incredibly sleek the design is. It’s practical and functional in a very small package.

Keyport is meant to be customized per user. There are several options for base model slides and additional colored/patterned side plates to further enhance your individuality through your Keyport. When you place your order, you will be asked to provide photos of the keys you want to include. This is so the specialists at Keyport can match your key type to their blade blanks. This is essential to ensuring that your keys will work properly. Once you receive your blank key blades, you can take them to any locksmith for cutting. Keyport provides many different options for accessories and inserts to accompany your key blades including Chipped Side Plates.
Keyport Key Organizer Review 7
Chipped Side Plates give you the opportunity to continue using your vehicle’s transponder-chipped keys. These specialized plates replace the standard side plate on your Slide. The plate comes with the chip already mounted inside it – ready to be programmed. This is a feature that is not easily obtained with other smart key chains. Most of them only allow you to group your current keys together and don’t allow room for automotive keys. As a result, you still have to carry additional keys and you don’t have an all-in-one solution. Keyport gives you this option.

One other remarkable feature I want to discuss is the Keyport Lost & Found program. Every Keyport has a unique serial number embossed on the Slide along with Keyport’s website address and the phrase, “Reward if Found.” Keyport is committed to connecting lost units with their rightful owners and so they offer a 20% discount code to any finders of lost Keyports. On the reverse side of that, if you are the owner of a Keyport, it is strongly encouraged that you register your device so that if it’s ever turned in, Keyport representatives can get it back to you.

Keyport Key Organizer Review 8I know that I’ve spoken a lot about the features and benefits of the Keyport, but how has it helped me? Well, to be 100% transparent, I suffer from a bit of OCD and as such, clutter is really unbearable. My key chain has been one area that I’ve not been able to clean up until now. I’m grateful to have the Keyport and love the innovative spirit it embodies. It’s a great product that solves a real problem. And, it makes your life just one step easier.

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