Keypad for Mac makes placing calls on your Mac easier.

Apple makes it easier and easier for people to communicate with each other. When Yosemite was released, users could begin making and receiving phone calls through their Macs. In fact, just today I answered a phone call via my Mac thanks to Continuity, the feature within Yosemite that allows users to make or receive phone calls. Answering a call only requires that a user click on a prompt when it appears on screen. What a great feature to have, but what if I need to make a phone call?

Keypad1Right now, my option is to open up FaceTime and choose someone from my contacts. Then, my Mac will use my iPhone and make that call, but what if the person I need to call is not in my contacts? And, what if the person I am calling is someone I don’t want to save to my contacts like a Craigslist ad? Well now you can manually dial outwardly with a great app that takes advantage of these features and it’s called Keypad.

Keypad exists to make lives easier. It is a nice utility app that allows users to dial phone numbers directly from the home screen or the Notification Center. The interface is reminiscent of the Calculator app on Apple computers.

Some of its features include:

  • Beautiful transparent design
  • Dialing numbers that aren’t in your contacts
  • Redial the last number
  • Save a number to your contacts
  • Search your contacts
  • Use letter keys to due dial vanity numbers
  • Dial tones

I was very impressed with the design and style of Keypad. It melds perfectly with the translucent nature of Yosemite. This is something I look for in third-party apps – matching OS X style. Keypad definitely meets that requirement.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 9.19.39 PM

Using Keypad is very easy. There are no preferences or settings to fool with – just a simple, straightforward keypad. When you open the app, you have the familiar keypad from a phone. You can select the numbers of a phone number you want, or search for a contact from the search field. One thing to note – the search field appears to only use the name fields from your Contact app. So, any companies you are searching for are not found.

Keypad2Once you have either selected a contact or entered a phone number, Keypad sends that signal to FaceTime, which in turn connects to your iPhone to place the call. In my opinion, this is a very cool use of technology and Keypad makes the entire process that much more user-friendly.

I can highly recommend this app to anyone who uses their Mac to make a phone call. It’s easy to use, fits the style of Yosemite and makes life easier. Keypad is available through the Mac App Store for $0.99.

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