Cases need protection, too. 

Who knew that cases needed cases? Apparently the people at KeyBudz knew because they made some really great protective cases for AirPods charging cases that are very budget-friendly. Podskinz Keychain, Earbuddyz Ultra, and Hybridshell Series are all accessories that KeyBudz has designed for AirPods users to ensure that their gear stays protected. 


Earbuddyz Ultra are ear hooks for the AirPods that eliminate the hassle of constantly adjusting Apple AirPods in your years. They are created using high-performance elastomers and are designed to comfortably grip your ear and provide additional support for your AirPods. The Earbuddyz Ultra is an ‘upgrade’ from the original design that provides the perfect fit and enhanced bass from the AirPods. The Earbuddyz Ultra is also supposed to provide improved noise isolation for users. Three pairs are included in each kit (S, M, and L) as well as a stash pocket accessory. 

While I can definitely see the benefit of using ear hooks for the AirPods, I also find them to be a bit of hassle on their own. First of all, the ear hooks were a little bit of a struggle to get on the AirPods and they just seem like overkill to me for a set of ear hooks. The second reason I’m not a fan of them is that you have to remove them in order to store/charge your AirPods in their case. To be fair, the Earbuddyz Ultra does come with a carrying case that can hook to your AirPods charging case via a carabiner. To me, I think that’s just one more thing to carry around, but I’ve also not a problem with AirPods fitting my ears. It might be worth it to someone who wants to use 1st or 2nd generation AirPods and they typically don’t fit their ears well. The Earbuddyz Ultra comes in two different colors white and black and they retail for $13.95. 


Now, it might seem silly to some to cover up a charging case with another case, but to me, I think it’s really beneficial. I toss my AirPods into my purse all the time and they would easily get scratched up and dinged if it weren’t for cases like the Podskinz. Podskinz are designed for the 1st and 2nd generation AirPods. While the charging cases are exactly the same size and shape, there is one major difference the 2nd Gen AirPods have a power indicator light on the front of the case instead of inside the case. The Podskinz show off this LED on the 2nd Gen model of the AirPods. 

I’ve actually used several different types of cases like the Podskinz before. They are made from an elastomer material and even though they have a softer feel to them, they are a very hearty protectant against scratches. The Podskinz go onto the AirPods charging case easily and unlike other silicone-based cases I’ve used, this case doesn’t collect dust as easily. It does pick it up, but it wipes off without any hassle.


The Podskinz are available in several different colors including Earl Grey, which was my color of choice. Podskinz are currently $6.95 each (at the time of publishing) from Amazon.


The Hybridshell Series case is designed to work with the AirPods Pro earbuds. It’s a premium hardshell case with triple layer protection (nano-coating, liquid silicone, and polycarbonate shell). The case features a nano-coating finish and it ultra-soft to the touch. As a bonus, it’s dust resistant. The case is two parts — top and bottom — and is precisely cut for a secure fit around the AirPods Pro charging case. The Hybridshell only weighs 0.64 ounces so it doesn’t add much to the charging case. The case comes in three different color choices — midnight blue, black, and pastel pink — and it costs $11.95 (at the time of publishing this review).

The Hybridshell Series for the AirPods Pro are really a step above Podskinz, which is really just a wrap-around piece of silicone. This is a hard-shell case that can protect against drops and falls whereas other cases only protect against surface scratches. The case goes on pretty easily and I was impressed to find that a small piece of adhesive that is reusable on the inside of the top piece. I’ve seen some cases that are in two pieces work their way off of the charging case, but this stayed in place and was very functional. I also did not experience any issues with charging the case wirelessly.


KeyBudz has some great options for protecting your AirPods. I’m not sure I would advocate for the Earbuddyz, but I do love the Podskinz and the Hybridshell cases. They do a great job and are very affordable.

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