Business-class security at your fingertips.

Ever since TouchID came to the MacBook Pro, I’ve been wanting the same type of functionality with my HP Envy x360. It’s a solid laptop that I use on occasion, but it doesn’t have a fingerprint reader as a part of its standard equipment. So, I was thrilled when I had the chance to test out the Kensington VeriMark IT Fingerprint Key. It brings biometric security to any laptop with a USB port.


The VeriMark IT is designed to work with systems that feature Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business. The reader also supports Azure, Active Directory, Office 365, Skype, OneDrive, and Outlook. The tiny key is FIDO2/WebAuthn compatible. The key was designed to with easy integration in mind and it’s ideal for enterprise deployment – users keep their key for secure login while IT can easily manage employee access, privileges, and passwords.

VeriMark IT has a robust form. It has a durable zinc alloy body with an LED accepted/rejected indicator and a flared tail for easy grip. The key secures fingerprint data it collects and can be used to support any company’s cybersecurity measures consistent with privacy laws like GDPR.


  • Ideal for enterprise deployment and easily integrated into current IT infrastructure. Users keep their key for secure login to popular services, while IT can easily manage employee access, privileges, and passwords.
  • Enables the latest web standards approved by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Authenticates without storing passwords on servers, providing business professionals more security, convenience, privacy, and scalability.
  • Exceeds industry standards for False Rejection Rate (FRR 2%) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR 0.001%). Fingerprint data is secured in the sensor, so only an encrypted match result is transferred; versus match-on-host, where unsecured fingerprint data is transferred.
  • Durable zinc alloy body with LED accepted/rejected indicator, and flared tail for easy grip.
  • Designed to secure the fingerprint data it collects, and can be used to support a company’s cybersecurity measures consistent with (but not limited to) such privacy laws as GDPR, BIPA, and CCPA.
  • Made in Taiwan and ready for use in organizations requiring adherence to TAA regulations.


The VeriMark IT comes in a simple, but effective retail package. There is a transparent window on the box that makes it easy to see the product before you buy it. I like the fact that is says on the front that it’s designed for Windows Hello. There are some basic product details on the back in multiple languages. In the box you will find a pamphlet with warranty information, FCC information, and a card that walks you through the set-up process.


As far as set-up goes, the card that is included states that you are supposed to insert the key into a USB port for plug and play driver installation. When I plugged the key into my HP Envy, nothing occurred except that the laptop recognized it as a foreign device that was plugged in. On the set-up card there is also a URL that directs users to Kensington’s set-up page ( This page gives users two devices’ support information — the VeriMark and the VeriMark IT. I visited the Windows 10 Setup page and then downloaded the driver for the device. Kensington’s support does indicate that in “most” instances, the driver will automatically install. But that doesn’t go for all installations.

Once the driver was installed, the setup process is very easy. You navigate to the Settings of the computer and then select Accounts. Under Sign-in Options select Set up under the Fingerprint option. The computer will then ask you to enter your device PIN number and place and replace your finger on the reader to program the VeriMark IT. The process is very similar to what is used when you program a finger print on a mobile phone. Within a couple of minutes, the fingerprint key was ready to use.

I tested the key out a few different times to unlock the computer and never had any issues with it reading my fingerprint. The LED indicator worked really well. I tried to unlock the computer with the incorrect finger and the LED turned red and I couldn’t unlock the computer. I lifted my finger and then replaced the correct finger and the computer unlocked and the LED turned white.


I’m very excited to have this tiny fingerprint key as an additional security option for my HP Envy laptop. It’s convenient and very easy to use. I would warn others to use caution because it does stick out from the side of the laptop a little bit. So, it might not slide into and out of some laptop sleeves very easily. I think the VeriMark IT is a good investment for security-sake. I think it’s a great option for business office situations.

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