Bring organization to your personal Apple ecosystem while freeing up desk space. 

About a year ago, I started working from home exclusively. This was a new arrangement for our house and I had to make a lot of modifications to my home office desk to accommodate my personal as well as professional Apple devices. At one point, I had two separate vertical laptop stands holding up my two MacBook Pros and my iPad ended up just leaning against them. This really isn’t the most productive option. I also had my iPhone being stored on a phone stand instead of being on a charge throughout the day. When the StudioCaddy from Kensington came around, I decided it was time for a change. 


The StudioCaddy is a multipurpose stand that has Qi wireless charging capabilities built-in. It’s designed to help users maximize their desktop space while keeping their Apple devices charged and organized. It’s ideal for homes and offices and can provide a stylish option for reducing desktop clutter. The stand features a dual  Qi charger and multiple USB charging ports so that there are plenty of power options for your mobile devices. 

Features and benefits of StudioCaddy include:

  • Organizes the Entire Apple Ecosystem – Designed exclusively for Apple, StudioCaddy enables users to store and charge their MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and AirPods in a single location in the attractive, space-saving stand.
  • Dual Qi Charger – The integrated dual Qi charger works with any Qi-enabled iPhone and also charges AirPods.  The charger module magnetically attaches to the MacBook/iPad stand to minimize the storage footprint but can be detached for added flexibility.
  • USB Ports Add Charging Options – USB-A and USB-C ports provide added charging options to support additional iPad, iPhone, AirPods, or AppleWatch (charging cables not included).
  • Storage for MacBook and iPad – The space-saving stand cradles the MacBook in a vertical (closed) position. The iPad holder allows for viewing and story of iPad or iPad Pro in landscape or portrait orientations.
  • Keep Your Case in Place – StudioCaddy is compatible with most iPhone cases (up to 3mm thick), and most iPad cases (including Kensington’s popular BlackBelt line of protective iPad cases), Apple Magic Keyboard, and Apple Smart Keyboard Folio.

“Many consumers and business users have come to rely upon the Apple ecosystem to keep them connected and deliver a seamless flow of information across their various devices,” explained Lisa Schuiteboer-Shuler, Ergonomic Category Marketing Manager at Kensington. “Along with the unparalleled convenience of having instantaneous access to information and communication services synchronized across a user’s iMac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch comes the clutter caused by the often tangled assortment of chargers and cables. The StudioCaddy complements the Apple design element by bringing all of the devices together into a simple, clean, organized, and functional technology centerpiece.” 


I’ve been a fan of Kensington products for as long as I can remember. The company has roots that date back to the early 1900s and I’ve always respected them as a brand. Their products are well-designed and solid. The StudioCaddy is no exception albeit it is a unique addition to the Kensington family products. One of the first things I noticed about the stand was its packaging. The exterior package is well-labeled and there is a very nice image of the product on the front. If it were on a retail shelf, consumers would have no trouble identifying it. There are several details on the back – basic details – that are called out  in multiple languages. There is also a small diagram that illustrates the items that are located in the box. The box indicates that there is a 2-year limited warranty on the product and that the wireless charging dock is not MagSafe compatible. The box also states that the Qi wireless charging provides up to 7.5W for the iPhone. Users have the option to use the pieces together as one big unit or they can divide them up into two smaller stands. There is a magnet that keeps the two halves joined when they are next to each other. I really like this design feature because it gives the user options.

Out of the box, I immediately called out the charging rate for the iPhone. I appreicate that the dock provices up to 7.5W of the charging power for the iPhone, but when the current models are capable of receiving up to 15W (with MagSafe compatible chargers), I was hoping for a higher charging rate. That said, when you place the iPhone onto its spot, the charging coil is placed perfectly so that you get a solid charge every time the phone is placed there. The same is true for the AirPods Max. There is a small inset area for the AirPods case that ensures you get the mark every time. Each wireless charging spot has a bright LED indicator on the front that provides charging status for the connected devices. I haven’t experienced the red color from the LED yet, but the blue is very bright and easy to see. I did try charging the iPhone in both portrait and landscape orientations and it worked either way. 

I really like having all my devices stored in one place, but I have one critique of the design — the placement of the USB ports. I understand that Kensington wanted to give users the option to charge more than just their wireless devices, but I was a little disappointed at the sight of having a USB cable draped off to the side while my iPad was charging. I also don’t like that no cables were provided. I think it would have been nice to include a couple of short cables for charging so that users automatically had cables that fit with the StudioCaddy’s design. I also would have liked to see a place for the Apple Watch be included.

 The next section of the StudioCaddy is for the iPad. I have a iPad Pro (11-inch, 2018) with its compatible Apple Smart Keyboard case. The iPad fits perfectly in its notch and there is a slight angle in the iPad spot so that it ends up leaning against the rail for the MacBook Pro. I really like how the iPad is held in this stand. I’ve honestly struggled in the past 12 months with where to charge and store my iPad. I just didn’t have a good place for it. Now it has a home. I have two different MacBook Pros (a 16-inch and a 13-inch) and both of them fit in the laptop slot just fine. 


Overall, the StudioCaddy is a great storage option for multiple Apple devices. I love the sleek design of it and how well it stores the devices. Even though there are some things that I think could be done a little better, the StudioCaddy is a solid device with a unique design. 

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